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Morning, Evening, or whatever time it is for you. Welcome to my profile.
wahmbulance If your looking to RP, just skip down below. wahmbulance

ll Quick intro ll

Names Andy, I am 21+ and I'm in college. I'm mostly Vietnamese and also a pinch of whiteness in me and I'm proud of who I am and I'm about 5'9" and about 190lbs. I enjoy games, movies, music, friends, family, and new comers in my life. I am also a gamer sooo if I'm not on Gaia it's either I am gaming or working. Right now I live up far north were the sun shines and the snow pours through out the four seasons. Been here since 1999, I believe and before I was up here I was down in the south. Miss those day...

But onward as life goes on, so should the rest to follow it because that's what Life, Laugh, and Learning is all about.

Want to know me more? Don't be shy and just send me a PM.
We can maybe chat and become friends....or more if you want. heart

Other than my life, on Gaia is where I spend most of my free time. Especially during the summer since during school I see it that I would have no life if I was on here. And so because of that I disappear for half of a year to do that.

Though while I am on Gaia, something I really enjoy doing is Roleplay.
It helps me escape from reality and enjoy a fantasy.
Key : "That is what Gaia is all about."


Roleplaying is something I do on Gaia and I say, it is a really fun thing to do and also interesting. But to get to the point I will just hurry this up.

stare Expectation lol
When you RP with me, I hope you at least try to make 3 or more lines for me to reply to. Though I can still RP with you if you do send it to me but it bothers me that your not trying and I am. So if you can just try, think about the spot and environment we are at and maybe add in some bird flew by or a dog stole you hotdog. Anything like that is acceptable.

ninja Roles pirate
Dominate, Submissive, or anything you ask for and in between. I'll try my best to play the part you ask for.

biggrin Gender & Multi-Play 4laugh
I can play both genders but I'd like to stick to the guy because that is what I am. With that, I can also play as multiple character if needed. Either way, I tend to do it anyways, so you luck out on that one.

evil Rating dramallama
E is for everyone as to XXX is for blood, sex and violence. But apparently mostly sex...
Anyways for my rating I am very flexible on it. I can keep it squeaky clean if you don't want to go there and I can go all the way in if wanted. Catch my drift here? Just tell me in the beginning your limits and I'll stick to it. If you don't then I'm gonna do it however the roleplay pulls me to do it.

question Plots & Ideas idea
Often times, I will never have an idea, a starter or plot to start off from. So hopefully when you PM me you have some sort of idea. But if your like me then just give me a general idea of what you want or expect. Because magically, some how I pull it off and change the idea into a very interesting plot that we can RP about. So just send me something and we can work it out.

xp List 3nodding
Okay, in this list I am willing to play either position because once you play one position for too long. It will soon all be the same thing over and over.

(Mix Any Pair, Human is a choice too)

Demon, Angel, Ghost, Vampire, Were-Animal, (Dark) Elf, Fairy, Dwarf, Witch, Wizard, Genie

(Mix Any Pair, Boarding and Rival Schools is possible too)

Principle, Teacher, Coach, Librarian, Student (Jock, Geek, Senior, Freshman,... etc.)

(Mix Any Pair)

King, Prince, Servant, Queen, Princess, Maid, Guard, Lower Class, Pirate, Priest, Slave

(This includes both Step and In Law family members.)

Brother/Sister or Mother
Fraternal Twins

Daily Life

Passenger/Flight Attendant
Parent/Teenager or Babysitter
Boyfriend (Brother)/Girlfriend (Sister)
Doctor/Nurse or Patient
Gangster/New Member
Best Man/ Bride
Groom/Maid of Honor
Customer/Waiter or Waitress
Bad Boy/Good Girl
Running from Home or Government
Kidnapping (Any sort)
Memory loss
Arranged Marriage
Newly Weds
Zombie Apocalypse
Cosplay Convention


Legend of Zelda
Dragon Age
Resident Evil
Soul Calibur
Devil May Cry
Dynasty Warriors
Samurai Warriors
Phantasy Star
Monster Hunter
Final Fantasy (I, II, III, IV,... etc.)
Characters can be any class...
Hume, Moogle, Viera, Bangaa, Elvaan, Galka, Mithra, Ronso, Tarutaru, Original Cast (Cloud, Fran, Squall, Lightning...etc.)

Anything you can think of...

In conclusion of this whole thing, I'd like to say thank you for reading and hope to see a PM from you soon. If not, then maybe you lucked out or maybe I lucked out. Who would really know, it's because you didn't PM me after this whole thing. Lastly, I just want to say that I roleplay with anyone. That means Boys, Girls, Manly Women, or Womenly Men. We are all people just looking for something to do.

Alright, Peace out and catch you around on Gaia. Adios and go creep on someone else that you want to creep on.
Just know that we all LOVE you for who you are.
cool Peace cool


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I'm sorry I couldn't stay away...

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Why thank you. I tried. Lol xp

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Nice profile. ninja

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thank you. redface
R a c h i x x x

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R a c h i x x x


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Poke.. smile because I can biggrin

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heart the page bro. pm me sometime! im still on here my ninja ninja
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tt sprinkles

So I just creeped.
Up until December, I lived outside of Springfield, Ma.
Cupcake Marionette

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Cupcake Marionette

If you're looking for a 1x1 partner, I'd be more than willing- just shoot me a PM. n.n

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