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Tempest the Zorua Report | 04/06/2018 2:52 pm
Tempest the Zorua
Wanna RP sissy?????? I've been waiting for you to post in our Fairy Tail RP.
Tempest the Zorua Report | 03/15/2018 5:45 pm
Tempest the Zorua
Here's the RP:
Tempest the Zorua Report | 03/15/2018 5:26 pm
Tempest the Zorua
Lol They'll be about the Age Sebastian is in the Anime right now, maybe a couple years younger. Also what he looks like is up to you though I would make him look like Sebastian if possible, and I'm thinking they looks like teenagers to young adults. Here's an avatar creator that I use if you want to make him.
Tempest the Zorua Report | 03/15/2018 5:09 pm
Tempest the Zorua
YAY! I'll go make it now!
Tempest the Zorua Report | 03/15/2018 5:04 pm
Tempest the Zorua
Hmmmm if you'd like You can play the son of Sebastian and we can say they learned from him together?
Tempest the Zorua Report | 03/15/2018 4:50 pm
Tempest the Zorua
YAY! Okay so Do you mind playing Sebastian? I have an idea where he had a pupil in Hell. Now she's come into this world to find him, as well as being their next door neighbor and daughter to a very famous fashion designer that Lizzy gets all her gowns from. She's about Sebastian's age in our world, but in Hell she is still considered a child until she finds a mate. Which is where my idea comes in. You see, she is a cat demon who has a major love crush on Sebastian. So at night she's been sneaking out in her demon form and eating the souls of those who are destined to die and go to hell. Though being a beast type of demon, she can easily get away from the reapers by turning into a cat in a puff of smoke before they even get there. That's what I have so far, feel free to add what you'd like.
Tempest the Zorua Report | 03/15/2018 4:35 pm
Tempest the Zorua
First off, do you like Sonic or any of the characters from the show? As I have an Idea for an idea based off of this video:

If you don't like Sonic, then maybe we could do a Black Butler RP?
Tempest the Zorua Report | 03/15/2018 4:26 pm
Tempest the Zorua
Sissy? Wanna RP? We can do a romance RP if you'd like.
Tempest the Zorua Report | 03/11/2018 3:31 pm
Tempest the Zorua
Are you done with your school work sissy?! Me bored and want to RP wif you emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira
Tempest the Zorua Report | 03/09/2018 11:57 am
Tempest the Zorua
Good and Thank you sissy! I love your's as well! -hugs back- Oh are we still doing our fairy tail siblings RP????


Hi there, my name is Krista Walker and I am 22 years old. There's not much to say about me other then that i lover to read and write fanfiction. I even love to draw anime and even love to watch them.

I am in college now getting my Associates Degree in Animation and Motion Graphics. When I'm not busy, I usually play on my Xbox 360.

So come and chat with me, I am really easy to talk to smile

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