Erm.... xx;;

I'm a little Blueberry on a bush, waiting to ripen and be picked by someone that would fully enjoy my flavor.

I adore art, but I feel odd if the art I get is very well done, since I feel like I'm poor, so I shouldn't have nice art. But I know a lot of people that like good art!!

I support artists when I can and I'm kind of friends with Icysnowgirl. She got me on Gaia, and gives me clothes to wear whenever I want to borrow something. Nice, right? ^^;

Hummm.... I don't know what to put here... xx;;;

Don't be afraid of the Fall.
Sometimes the fall is the beautiful part.
Fall freely. Fall with Feeling. Fall completely.


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What I say in debate isn't always my personal views on the subject.

Often it is.

But not always.