It's Just Me

Well my name is Rose,I like being me. Because in all honesty, anyone else would just suck at it (: ! brought to this world September 10th so dont forget lmao. I love to sing & dance but not in front of ppl of course k then, well im living the single life its great but i want to meet that special someone someday hehe(maybe its u for all i know lmao. I go to the gayest skool ever HSA also know as Harmony Science Academy haha. Well i love all kinds of music(Rock, Reggeton, Durangense, Pop, and others). I dont judge people on wat they do i just want them to be happy like i am, but if they dont respect me ill treat them like s**t i swear on that!! So plz ppl try not to piss me off or ull get it! K thats all ohhh also i love to make new friends so add me or ill add u k!!
☮ <3 smile Peace Love And Happines
Contact me at: 512-413-8378 txt only BYE BYE!!!