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Main Page Nitemare Headba Report | 02/20/2013 7:06 pm
Main Page Nitemare Headba
Ranom event like a flying giftbox. And it's just I created this avi based on the character in that old Gaia bannr back when I luckily found this headband in one of the random event giftboxes I found.
Fat Bun Report | 02/20/2013 4:27 pm
Fat Bun
Thank you for selling~ ;d
Main Page Nitemare Headba Report | 02/20/2013 4:21 pm
Main Page Nitemare Headba
You're welcome. And I just got a random event when posting this. Thanks.
ya its shayla Report | 02/13/2013 1:32 am
ya its shayla
Chill_Arrow Report | 02/05/2013 3:40 pm
Nah just a really nice guy wink and um who are u lol (no offence)
Lucifer aka Fallen Angel Report | 01/08/2013 12:44 pm
Lucifer aka Fallen Angel
thank you
Garutachi-X Report | 01/08/2013 11:14 am
Wooooooooooooow!! What a profile! xp
Puppys-kitten Report | 12/09/2012 6:43 pm
Thank you
mercenaryflower Report | 12/06/2012 5:16 pm
cool avi
Be_my_forever Report | 12/02/2012 8:41 pm
Thx For Buying im selling shoes also to go with what you Bought. come again heart heart heart

About ME :D

So, I'm pretty easy going, but when it comes to gossiping stressed about other people thinking ur all better than them (or bullying, grrr), it's time for those people to get a reality check. You can overpower them, don't give in. 3nodding
Ok, sorry, that's like one of my biggest pet peeves. I am a REALLY huge music geek. I play in the band: marching band, regular band, whatever, if it's music, I'm there! xd And although I'm not a f anime fan, I'm very artistic, whether it be writing, drawing, music (duh), or acting. Most of my friends are the same. My bestest friend is LIzzy the dinosuar. RAWR!! haha blaugh And most of my friends say I should really be a BLEACH blonde even though I'm a brunette. They also say I have really pretty blue eyes, just puttin it out there haha. 4laugh
I beleive we're all kids at heart, and whoever says Spongebob is an IDIOT, I'm sorry (psh, no I'm not, no one's gonna probably read this anyways, haha), but it takes one to know one. I'm not really a fan of cussing, but you can't really get away from it in high school (I'm not gonna say what grade cuz there may be some stalkers out there, haha).
I'm a hopeless lover (as you can see from the little thing below) and waiting for the right guy to come sweep me off my feet (although I know that's stupid to say). I'm a bit hyper, and by a bit, I mean I can be really wound up sometimes, haha XD. But I can also be the moodiest person and you do not want to be around me when I'm in a depressed mood XP
So.... that's pretty much all that I can think of right now. If you wanna know more or just get in touch or something, send me a message, friend me, whatevah! I love random PM's.They just (usually) make my day! wink Live life to its fullest and never regret!! <3

Just some random xtra stuff about me smile

0: Are you male or female? Female
1: Do you believe in unicorns? No... but it'd be pretty cool to see one razz
2: Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla
3: Bath or Shower? Shower, sometimes bath
4: Coffee or Tea? Tea, but only vanilla (cuz I'm weird like that XD)
5: Strawberry or Chocolate milk? Regular
6: Color? Light blue
7: Movie Genre? Romantic comedy
8: School Subject? Literature and band
9: Vegetables? Corn, umm.. some others but I can't think of em...
10: Fruit? Strawberries, watermelon, any kind of melon, pineapple, apples, plums, raspberries (I'm more of a fruit person, if you can't tell XD)
11: Hobby? Music, doodling and song and lyric writing, mostly
12: What is your astrology sign? Virgo
13: What is your biggest pet peeve? High school drama, gossiping, slow-moving mobs of people
14: Do you have any siblings? Two step sisters, one half sister and a brother-in-law
15: When is your birthday? September 11th (out of all the days, right?)
16: Are you clumsy? Mmmm... usually! XD
17: Do you cook? Yes! But I barely have time to... :/
18: What color eyes? Stark blue
19: Short or long hair? Medium, longwhen straightened
20: Straight, curly or wavy hair? Curly ^.^
21: Do you wear glasses? Nope, contacts
22: Do you trust easily? Depends. Not usually.. but everyone starts out with a clean slate with me
23: Have you loved someone so much it made you cry? Besides family... almost.
24: What is your favorite sport to play? Marching band (all ya'll haters out there, it IS a sport! >XP)
25: Do you hang out with mostly guys or girls? Both. i've been starting to hang out with more guys than girls, but usually both
26: In anime who are your favorite male characters? Hate anime (sorry)
27: Who is your favorite female character? Don't have one
28: Favorite voice actor? Don't have one
29: Do you like RPGs? Not really, no
30: Did you have a Nintendo? Yeah, I barely use it though
31: Ever run away from home? Have seriously thought about it and was super close to it, but no
32: How many languages can you say "Hello" in? 4
33: Ever met anyone famous before? Yeppers, Gene Simmons from the rock band "Kiss" we got a picture with him biggrin
34: Did the one person who hurt you the most in your life apologize? ....Not directly. They sent me an email and I heard it from some of my friends...
36: Is silence really golden? Depends on the situation.
37: Is there anything expired in your refrigerator? Gosh no!
38: Flat or Fizzy soda? Flat with a little bit of fizz
39: Have you gone fishing? Yes, but I suck at it
40: Have you tried to cast any spells? No

~A girl and a guy were speeding over 100 mph on a motorcycle.~

Girl: Slow down, I'm scared
Guy: No, this is fun.
Girl: No its not, please it's too scary.
Guy: Then tell me you love me.
Girl: I love you, slow down.
Guy: Now give me a big hug.
~She gave him a big hug~
Guy: Can you take off my helmet, and put it on yourself? It's bothering me.
In the newspaper the next day a motorcycle had crashed into a building because of break failure. Two people were on it only one survived. The truth was that halfway down the road the guy realized that the breaks were broken. He didn't want the girl to know. Instead he had her hug him, and tell him she loved him one last time. Then he had her put his helmet on so that she would live even if it meant that he would die.

If you would do the same for the person you love copy this in your profile

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