gaia_bunny Hello! You may call me Blue/Blue Infinity or if your lucky you will learn my real name.
gaia_grunny I am 30 years old and live in the USA.
gaia_bunny I have a few illness/syndromes one is called Fibromyalgia another is Dercum Disease (Adiposis Dolorosa) I live in a lot of pain. Do to this I have mostly been housebound for the many years.
gaia_grunny I'm looking to make like minded friends who understand me. I love animals of all kinds! Lionhead rabbit our one of my favorite breed of rabbit.:3 I own rabbits and I love to chat about them! I also love dog of all breeds!
gaia_bunny I spend lots of time of deviantART and Tumblr. I love drawing and hope to work in some from of art in my life. I collect lots of things like anime,manga,comic books,fanzines,blind box toys and even a for antiques. I love the webcomic Homestuck and the cartoon Steven Universe!

gaia_grunny I really Love Gaia and all my Gaia Friends!! Do to my health I don't get out much if at all anymore. Gaia has become a new home for me! I know that may sound odd but, it has! I can't wait to see what comes next in the Gaia World! biggrin

yum_puddi I love for my avi to cosplay anime/manga/comic books,Homestuck,Devilman,DevilmanLady and other fun stuff!

gaia_bunny Yes I spend a lot of time in the Charity/Quests forums but I do NOT beg so don't be a hater!

yum_tea You can see my art at http://mindofpain.deviantart.com/ Please take a look! xd I update! biggrin

I'm on a quest for many items! (see my wishes)
gaia_star All Bunny Rabbit items!
New Questing Tread
~Bunnieful Guest ~ Random Gifting!Giveaways!Open!

I love Lake Kindred! Here are the Kin I am questing!
[KINDRED] Chuu Chuu The Bunny (I have 1 would like to have 3)
[KINDRED] Bom Bom The Bunny
[KINDRED] Candied Bunnykit ( *~Siren & Friends' Giveaway~*)
[KINDRED] Bunnykit (Devilishly Divine Charity) heart
[KINDRED] Blood Grunny - An anonymous benefactor! heart
[KINDRED] Shadow Grunny
[KINDRED] Sweetly Cereus
[KINDRED] Diedrich
[KINDRED] Icicle the Angelic Cat
[KINDRED] 10-Karrot Rabbot
[KINDRED] Ember the Spirited Fox
[KINDRED] Cerpurrus
[KINDRED] Sakura Pegacorn Fluff
[KINDRED] Sandman Rose
[KINDRED] Violet Sandman Rose[
KINDRED] Fafnir the Ambitious Hatchling
[KINDRED] Fafnir Hatchling
[KINDRED] Orijen
[KINDRED] Vinx the Fox
[KINDRED] Rybapi
[KINDRED] Candy Corn Skulverine
[KINDRED] Crimson Rose Carnelion
[KINDRED] Demure Carnelion
[KINDRED] Carnelion
[KINDRED] Filligris (Gifted by a kind soul!)
[KINDRED] Dreamy Filligris
[KINDRED] Lapinkin
[KINDRED] Quiver
[KINDRED] Pumpkin Quiver
[KINDRED] Kakigori
[KINDRED] Sweet Lovebug
[KINDRED] Cabochomp
[KINDRED] Stagony
[KINDRED] Dasher
[KINDRED] Dancer
[KINDRED] Prancer
[KINDRED] Holly Beary
[KINDRED] Pure Snow
[KINDRED] Feygriff
[KINDRED] Dewmond
[KINDRED] Trinity of the Night Garden
[KINDRED] Ashikar of the Sun-Dappled Boughs heart (got)
[KINDRED] Gege the Rooster
[KINDRED] Hanna the Marionette
[KINDRED] Rock Puppy

List of anonymous benefactor who have been kind to me!
Yaoi Jesus Senpai - [KINDRED] Chuu Chuu The Bunny
Sweet Treat Anon - Bhuntom the Rabbit heart
Snow Queen Anon - Shadow Spirit heart
Cheerful Anon - Doctor Killshye heart
Snowy Anon - Prism Armor heart
The Fire Queen Anon - Angelic Earmuffs heart
Anon - Faithful Mechanic heart
Anon - Fausto's Bottle: Alchemized heart
Anon - Chuu Chuu The Bunny heart
Anon PE - Ace Bass heart
~Shushy Anon - Black Bishop Tactician heart
The Avid Reader - Bento Bunny heart

(old) emotion_facepalm
My Quest/GIVEAWAY Tread!
~Blue Infinity A Forever Dream~

Thank You do all whom have give me gifts and gold!: emotion_bigheart :

gaia_star :NOTE:
I try to help out newbs to Gaia as much as I can. BUT PLEASE DON'T PM ME ASKING FOR GOLD!!

Also to all those I have welcomed to Gaia. I would love to be your friend but, PLEASE people lets talk first and get to know one another before I add you! OKay?

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Report | 10/18/2019 3:04 pm


Yeah, be sure to not give them any money. :/ It's good the other bunny is ok. ;w ;

Report | 10/18/2019 2:55 pm


That's really odd. was it an Uber? emotion_8c How are the other bunnies?

Report | 10/18/2019 1:41 pm


Do you know what could be wrong with the bunny? ono ' I'm wondering if it's something that can be treated at home if a vet isn't possible.

Report | 10/15/2019 8:52 am


I'm so sorry.. I wish I could help you out.
Other than those things.. are you ok? heart

Report | 10/12/2019 10:04 pm


That's an awesome avatar!! I've never seen a Seras cosplay before!

Report | 10/10/2019 1:35 pm


That's seriously not right, possibly illegal. e-e: I wish there was some way I could help you.

Report | 10/04/2019 4:16 am


That's not right.e_e; Do you have a bank account?

Report | 10/01/2019 12:09 pm


I'm so sorry to hear that. Can anyone help you in rl with vet bills and stuff? Poor bunny..

Report | 09/30/2019 5:31 am


Awh, I'm really sorry to hear that. Are you able to get it to a vet? ;_;

Report | 09/28/2019 8:52 am


Awh.. I hope you feel better soon, and thank you. heart
How are the bunnies?


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