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Bruce / Blue

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Last Login: 08/30/2017 11:57 am

Registered: 03/13/2007

Gender: Male

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Birthday: 05/07/1993

Heya Blue Here

My name is Bruce (first) WhiteWolf (middle name), 19 years old. I'm rather simple I'd like to think. I play video games very often, helps get rid of boredom. Lately been training on SFxT,and UMVC3, i also enjoy playing some shooters and adventure games.

-------------------MGO (Metal Gear Online)-----------------
Blue_Akamu lv 14-16 Various Titles (no Elites titles though)
Green Olina lv 16 Alternate Character
White Ukanlos lv 16 Alternate Character
Black Hasina lv 14-15 Mess Around Character
Clan - United Wolves / Bloody Rose

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Father and Son theme MGS 4 GOP

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Jo Jo Rifle Report | 09/08/2011 8:47 pm
Buenos Noches. biggrin
Jo Jo Rifle Report | 09/08/2011 8:30 pm
Ah, I see... I really hope I get to play it, soon.... I'm not much of a gamer myself, but I do enjoy being scared by the undead. 3nodding
Jo Jo Rifle Report | 09/08/2011 7:33 pm
I'll say.... sweatdrop Is it better than Black Op's zombie level?
Jo Jo Rifle Report | 09/08/2011 7:24 pm
Heh, I'd imagine so... Heard that torches and flashlights were neccesary for when night fell.... 3nodding
Jo Jo Rifle Report | 09/08/2011 7:02 pm
Twenty minutes? TWENTY? eek You gotta be kidding me, man. gonk Seriously? Was it scary?
Jo Jo Rifle Report | 09/07/2011 8:02 am
Hey, Bruce! I heard you got Dead Island! So how is it? :O I've read that it's one of the most realistic zombie games so far; you have to rest and can only carry a certain amount of ammo, and your weapons break eventually.... I'd like to play it myself so I could do a game review about it for the school paper... 3nodding Heh, mebbe I can mooch off a friend who has it.... lol Well, anyway, have fun! 3nodding

P.S. um.... ignore the uncanny change in skin tone and eyes on my avi... just a... um, freaky coincidence, nothing more. No, really.
Jo Jo Rifle Report | 08/24/2011 7:14 pm
Hola, senor! biggrin Just dropping by to say hi. 3nodding (Gold is also a good incentive. xd ) How're you?
Jo Jo Rifle Report | 08/14/2011 10:23 pm
Oh, yeah; I pop in and out occasionally, though I'm hoping to be around a bit longer, now that I'm living in a dorm with internet access. biggrin Alas, classes tomorrow, but then, that's why I'm here to begin with. and so... 3nodding Night, then, Bruce! or morning, if the sun shines in your neck of the woods. razz
Jo Jo Rifle Report | 08/14/2011 7:11 pm
Welcome back, matey. biggrin
karmiliyah M Report | 05/08/2011 5:53 pm
happy belated birthday

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