Im a pretty simple person... very down to earth and easy going... hyper active with vulgar language but thats ok...im outta school and on my own... no more school bullshit only to find out the drama followed me out...Im working towrds an art career in what ever i can get my hands on and maybe even a writing career who knows? Art is one of the few things i on my "importance list". my friends are the only other things on there. Nothing else really matters... too much stress in this world so i really dont want to worry about anything else...but thats thier lives and this is mine... i will continue to go on with mine till some dumbass decides to bomb us then ill move to Austraila and ill let you all die... hehe... i think im mean...let me be selfish if it makes me happy...not much else to say... dont want to get into too much detail here... you either know me or not...hmmm maybe im not too simple... oh well... peace homies... and love to my fellow juggalos!