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Total Value: 413,930 Gold

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Total Value: 1,643,603 Gold
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Item List:
Emo Glasses
Soft Black Underwear
White Neko Cosplay
Elemental Wings
Naruto Kunai
Maid Shoes
G-LOL Dark Mistress Skirt
Raider Shih's Garment
Black Strapless Bra
Gimpi 6th gen.
Raider Shih's Garment
Charcoal Cat Tail
Bone Scythe

U people dont know me but u should! XP
i like rock music ummmmm....... the piano, guitar, and the drums!
my fav colors r blue, green,red,black, and i tink that's it for now
ummmmm......if u want 2 know anything else bout me......
Let me know k? ^^


Age: old enough to be on here
When i came to life: Nov. 6
who im with:
where i like to get my style : my mind
what i love eatin : food
what time of the year i dont complain about: spring
what i do besides txt meh besties : video games, reading, drawing, writing poetry, be on da comp, watchin TV, bike riding, walkin, runnin, listenin to music etc.
place i wish to be after highschool : New York : D then college lolz

My Results:
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Hinata Hyuuga Your Hinata huh?You seem to be pretty shy, and not very confident and not very - (Blabbers on like Tsunade)

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i adopted a chibi!
name: alexander
likes: cupcakes,waffles,cakes,L(lol),painting
doesn't like: ppl who hurt L, show-off's
you can adopt one too!
What type of Angel Are You? {Girls ONLY Anime Angel Pics}

My Results:

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Angel Of Death You are the Angel Of Death! You could care less about what people think about you, you kill to live. You have seen much pain, suffering, and death in your life that you have drawn your sward and watched blood shed in your pleasure. Your soul lies in the blood of the one`s you have sent away. You have no good side. You have no heart. You are evil and misunderstood. You are the Angel Of Death.

What type of music are you?
My Results:
Three Doors Down, Linkin Park, Nickelback, ACDC, Daughtry, Hollywood Undead, The Offspring
My Results:
AFI, Panic! at the Disco, My Chemical Romance, Blue October, The Fray

look its Gir dancing the Cha Cha slide! XD

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I adopted!
Age: 13
Likes: invader zim, blubunny, cookies, cupcakes, teh piggy
Dislikes:brocolli XD
Get one now!

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╔╗╔═╦╗ Put this on your page
║╚╣║║╚╗ if you love to laugh!

_♥_♥___♥_♥_ ρυт тнiՏ
♥___♥_♥___♥ нєαrт
_♥___♥___♥_ oη yoυr
__♥_____♥__ ραgє if
___♥___♥___ yoυ lovє
____♥_♥____ Տoмєoηє

╚═╩╩╩╩═╝IF YOU ARE, OR SUPORT EMOS!!!!♥♥♥

║( o)║♥ I love music

__♥__♥_____♥__♥__ ρυt tнis
_♥_____♥_♥_____♥_ нєαrt
_♥______♥______♥_ oη yoυr
__♥_____/______♥__ ραgє if
___♥____/_____♥___ yoυ lovєd/lovє
____♥___/___♥____ Տoмєoηє wнo
______♥__♥____ нαd brokє
________♥_______ yoυr нєαrt

╔═╦╗╔╦═╦╦╗Put this on your
║║║║║║║║═╣channel if you are or
║╔╣╚╝║║║║║ support Punk
╚╝╚══╩╩╩╩╝ .♥.♥.♥.


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Report | 03/21/2013 7:30 pm


Hiya Blue, long time no see. :]
Daddys Little Vamp14

Report | 07/01/2011 8:28 am

Daddys Little Vamp14

Hey Lexi.....are you feeling ok?
Narcotic Android

Report | 04/02/2011 10:32 am

Narcotic Android

it was pree good, i missed the first book and took out the second one though -.-
i have the second through last, its been a while since i've read it

Report | 03/13/2011 3:40 pm


Nothing much, actually. I finnaly have more time to go online than I had before (school, after-school bullshit. Took up time; quit using the computer). so I thought I could come back on biggrin That's pretty much it.
So what's up with you? Anything exciting?
(PPPhhht- I sound like a creeper gonk )

Report | 03/12/2011 7:28 pm


Oh yeah!

-dance dance-

biggrin D

Unce unce unce~

Report | 03/11/2011 4:21 pm


You must be really popular cause when i tried to add you it says
"Error adding Blubunny11, they've reached their friend limit"

Lol XD

I don't wanna be your friends though,,

I wanna be your BEST FRIEND heart

Report | 03/11/2011 10:56 am


Hey! Remeber me? blaugh
Disoriented Jovey

Report | 02/22/2011 8:31 am

Disoriented Jovey

Not much, just chillin
hbu? c:
Disoriented Jovey

Report | 02/21/2011 11:52 am

Disoriented Jovey

Heyyy c:

Report | 01/21/2011 6:34 pm


boyfriend giving you drama?


Im going to smile like nothing's wrong,
talk like everything's perfect,
act like it's just a dream
and pretend that life isn't hurting me.