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hello! my name is shana. i'm 19, female and from canada. i've been on gaia since around 2009, i think? i just came back about a year ago after a 4 or 5 year hiatus.

i've been a literate novella/multi-para roleplayer of 11 years. mostly on facebook, so i'm unfamiliar with other formats. nowadays, i'm semi-retired. i only really rp with people i know. my main fandoms are Seraph of The End, Funamusea and Blue Exorcist.

i am relatively new to the MMD hobby, having started in april of 2018. i have opened up an art shop that you can check out here! friends don't have to pay.
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i am very friendly & i like making friends! i very rarely am rude and it usually only happens if i am feeling disrespected. be kind to me and i will be kind to you! emotion_rainbow i am looking to make more friends on gaia.

i have one cat named Batman who is turning 8 years old this year. emotion_bigheart he is a domestic short hair. all black except for a small tuff of white on his chest. he screams a lot.

i'm single and aroace, or aromantic asexual. i don't experience romantic attraction and i very rarely experience sexual attraction. i am sex repulsed irl but i'm very openly sexual online lol. if its a joke or just venting, i dont mind talking about sexual things but if it is a genuine attempt to flirt with me or get me to send lewd photos/videos, i will block you.

i am 4'11. very short. i also am fat af but i am looking into weight loss options.

i am diagnosed with PDD and CPTSD. persistent depressive disorder and complex post traumatic stress disorder. as such, i am quick to get very emotional, especially when i feel i am being insulted or attacked. i am very open about it, but it may be triggering to some so i will say TW; i am also a pretty severe self harmer. if you are struggling with self mutilation, you can message me on gaia or on quora and i can help you out with being safe or coping strategies on how to quit.


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witchinger Report | 01/03/2021 3:11 am
thank you so much!! ;-; User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
witchinger Report | 01/02/2021 10:40 am
your avi and profile are so cute! also love your username
NeutralShade Report | 12/25/2020 7:44 pm
Thanks for the purchase
Darkness_Consumes_Within Report | 12/08/2020 5:11 pm
You are welcome, nice avi by the way.
Darkness_Consumes_Within Report | 12/08/2020 5:08 pm
Thank you for your purchase, I hope the item serves you well.

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