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Greeting and Salutations! I'm Blossom Morphine and am a:

*art whore
*history buff
*necromancer (at least on Gaia)
*protective of friends
*lover of all kinds of music
*avid reader of fantasy and sci-fi,
*fanfiction writer
*petter of kittens

Likes: Heroes, House, Doctor Who, DC, Marvel, Torchwood, Smallville, Wheel of Time, History, Star Trek, Wikipedia, reading, sleeping, breathing, and eating.

Dislikes: Math, "Reality" TV, people who are intentionally rude, homophobes, the close-minded, mash potatoes, and not getting enoug sleep.

Parings I am currently in love with: Sylar/Mohinder (Heroes), Garak/Bashir (ST: DS9).

People, bear with me here. I do not not want you to send me thank you notes everytime I buy a bottle of ink from you. Wait until I buy something like a ninja-headband. Seriously. You're clogging up my comments.

No random pms or friending. Get to know me like you would in RL. I adore donations, free art, and chatting. Especially chatting.

Well, that is as much as I'm going to share for now. Have a nice stay.

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Locke103 Report | 08/07/2017 1:59 pm
Locke103 Report | 11/12/2013 6:01 pm
seattlite56 Report | 05/24/2010 3:14 am
You're playlist is amazing! I just wanted to drop by and say thank you for putting Scissor Sisters on it. I'm absolutely obsessed with them now! Thanks a lot, jk. I talked to you a very long time ago, I think about someone being unfair with their art giveaway or something, I don't even remember now, but we chatted a bit. Not long after that, I took a leave of absence from gaia. But recently I've returned and noticed that you've not been on in a while. Also, I noticed that you're birthday was not to far back, so Happy belated Birthday! Anyway, I hope you decide to come back to gaia eventually. Ttfn. <3, Sky
sciolent_ninja_33 Report | 10/27/2009 6:09 pm
Like I said Im just gonna leave, and proably not come back to this thread...........But its seems I cant leave this thread cause every time I do I still manage to get kicked in the Ribs over something soo stupid.........And the main reason I cant keep up is cause Im tring to do a little home work and click to a new page..............Oh well no skin off my bones............and yeah im just gonna take the blame for all of this and im the one still in the Wrong............Sorry you guys if I and these other people ruiened your day...........Later. heart ninja ................and I noticed I got banned from there so If you can Post this for me Thanx!
Locke103 Report | 08/31/2009 12:58 am
*pokes you* >_>
Locke103 Report | 06/27/2009 3:37 pm
i miss you emo
Locke103 Report | 06/16/2009 12:42 am
Locke103 Report | 05/23/2009 1:06 am
notJanieJones Report | 05/17/2009 4:40 am
Hey thanks! I'll have to try those out smile
Tsubasa_85 Report | 05/11/2009 12:02 am
your welcome

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