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I have nothing to say about likes, (who cares) my dislikes (once again who really freaking cares)

Basically I am ME and if you don't like it you can shove it where the sun don't shine.

I am one mean little F*** when I am mad so don't make me mad. twisted

If there is anything you want to know just send a PM my way (I kinda dislike profile comments. Makes the profile to cluster-f*cked) and I will tell you what you NEED to know.

So if that is all, please exit my profile page and don't really come back... Thank you and have a fantasic day....and don't let the door slam you on your way out..

I am what I am, but I am not copletely what I seem to be. Although apperiances can be decieving mine decieves none, but I do fool many. So basically I am what I should be.....are you? evil


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And I know u hear their voices, calling from above. And I know they may seem real, these signals of love. But our life's made up of choices, some without appeal. They took for granted ur soul, and it's ours now to steal. As ur nightmare comes to life.
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My friends.....Leave them be ALRIGHT?