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About me! :D

Name: i'll let you name me~
Age: 17
Gender: In a way, both! razz
Status: In a relatsionship
Orentaiton: Pansexual it seems o.o
Height: 5'3 almost 5'4
Eyes: Hazel almost the same color as my hair
Hair: Dark-ish red
Nationality: It seems I have some German and Irish in me o:
Religion: Don't have one, I'm freeeeee~!
NickNames: IT, Neko, Imouto, Hunny Bunny (inside joke xD)
Fave Bands: The GazettE, Demon Hunter, RED, Skillet, Breaking Benjamin ♫ ♪ d^_^b ♪ ♫
Fave song: A Thousand Miles By Vanessa Carlton
Fave Color: Neon green, Icy blue, Crimson and Black ☠
Fave Video Game: Assassin's creed
Fave Movie: White Chicks
Fave Book: Not sure
Fave Drink: Monster
Heros: Jhonen Vasquez, Kako Kawaii, Dietz Glueck
Fave Language: Japanese AND German
Fave Country: Japan, but if you mean Hetalia than Germany and Italy razz
Fave Sounds: Trains, piano, Sirins, cat purrs, whispers
Fave Smells: Mints, Vinilla, lip gloss >.>
Fave Sights: The night sky, flower fields, city at night



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Jessamine Lovelace Report | 06/18/2013 12:34 pm
Jessamine Lovelace
Theyre Aliens, But The Good Aliens That Just Hang Out With You, Not Try To Eat Your Brain *And Sorry I Don't Text A Lot, My Phone Is Bing Dumb And Needs To Be Fixed*
Jessamine Lovelace Report | 05/04/2013 9:29 pm
Jessamine Lovelace
XD And I Can Imagine! cat_gonk
Jessamine Lovelace Report | 05/03/2013 9:19 pm
Jessamine Lovelace
I Know Another One
Life xD Kidding
Its Tinychat Or Chat Roulette gonk
Jessamine Lovelace Report | 04/08/2013 2:57 pm
Jessamine Lovelace
Heh, I Made It Perfectly Clear. I Actually Broke Up With Him Because I Thought He Was Unhappy
Then I Asked For A Second Chance Yesterday (After A Week So I Gave It Time) And He Said No, (And I Quote) "I am not like you. Instead of going through a long and slow mourning process I have taught
Myself to get all the pain done fast but painful. I've moved on and have found someone else that wont try to push me away."
So After A While We Started Arguing And By What He Said He Lied About A Lot Of Things. Our Whole "Relationship" Was Full Of Lies, And I Knew It.
Then He Finally Said "******** off and just leave me alone. You complain you want me out of your life so I'm out" So I Got PISSED
Before He Left I Was Able To Send One Last Messege, "******** b*****d, I never wanted you to leave but fine I dont give a s**t about you anymore"
So Yeah. He Already Moved On In Less Than A Week (For All I Know He Couldve Been Dating Me And His New Boyfriend...Hes Bi As Well)
All The So Called "Romantic Feelings" I had Left Were Crushed And Replaced By Hatred. I Don't Care What He Does, Who He Dates, Or Who Has To Put Up With His ******** s**t, He's Out Of My Life For Good, And You Know What, Ive Been Happier Than I Have Ever Been In MONTHS (Mainly Cause I Got All My Anger And Hated Out Of Me Last Night XD)
Jessamine Lovelace Report | 03/20/2013 4:11 pm
Jessamine Lovelace
LOL, I Do That With My Friends Around School. We Found A Group Of Popular Girls That We Didn't Like And Ran Between Their Group Screaming "COUGH DROP FARIES YOU ARE NEEDED!!!" xd
And lol, I Sound Like A Guy On The Phone So If I Call Someone And They Don't Have My Number Or Something Theyre Like "Dude, Who Are you" -_-
KITTEHS!! cat_rofl cat_4laugh cat_mrgreen cat_ninja cat_emo cat_neutral cat_rolleyes cat_twisted cat_razz cat_lol cat_cool cat_surprised cat_surprised cat_wink cat_xp cat_3nodding cat_xd cat_blaugh cat_smile cat_biggrin
Jessamine Lovelace Report | 03/09/2013 2:12 am
Jessamine Lovelace
Well Its Been An Interesting Couple Days
The Moving Thing: I was At PE And My Teacher Tells Me That His Mom Wanted To See Me (Shes A Teacher At My School) So i Go There And She Sits Me Down, Tells Me Everything About The Whole Deal (What It Was Is That He's Not Cheaking His Blood Sugar And Thats Dangerous For A Diabetic And She Is Getting Mad At Him For Not Cheaking it Cause He'll End Up In The Hospital If He Doesnt) And She Told Me That He Doesnt Want To Leave His Friends And Me, So if i Remind Him To make Sure He Cheaks It, Then He Can Stay. (This Was A Few Days Ago)
Everyday Now Ive Been Making Sure To Remind Him And make Sure He Does It, And Since He Hates When I Dont Eat Lunch (I Either Forget To Pack Anything Or Dont Have Time) We made A Deal
He Cheaks His Blood Everyday, I Eat Everyday. Its Working Out Pretty Well Actually
Anyway Enough About That, So Whats Been Up With You?
Jessamine Lovelace Report | 03/06/2013 4:27 am
Jessamine Lovelace
Heh, And Ai, Thats...I Dont Even A Know A Word For That... eek
And I Got Some News, Apparently Brandon Has Been Fighting A Lot With His Mom Lately And She Wants To Send Him To Live With His Dad Now, Who Lives Down South In The State. God I Hope She Doesnt, It Would Kill Me, He's The Only Person I Can Talk To At School And Doesnt Judge, He Helps Me With Everything, He Got Me Through Some of My Toughest Times With Family. If He's Gone, Im Done. I Cant Even Think About Him Being Gone, Even If its A Few Towns Over, Without Breaking Down In Tears. Im Actually Crying When I Was Typing This...but maybe this is a sign...that i cant depend on him for support. that i should suck it up and deal with it and not say anything, like everything else that happens to me
Jessamine Lovelace Report | 02/24/2013 3:43 am
Jessamine Lovelace
Thank You!
And Again, Been Busy.
Trying To Raise Grades, Family Issues, Friend Issues, And Lots Of Pain
I Went To The Park Today With My Two Friends And Were Gonna Sneak Into Our Old School To Goof Around So We Had To Go Around But The Way We Took Had A Bunch Of Rocks, Trees, And Sticks And The Gate Around There Was Locked So On The Way Back I Fell And A Huge Sharp Stick Hit The Exact Same Spot I Fell And Fked Up My Knee, So Im Still in Pain, Then I Went DownT he Slide But Tried To Catch myself Before I Fell into Sand And Hit My Back REALLY Hard, So I Got An Ugly Bruise
Then Fell Again And Scraped Up My Knees, Elbows, And Hands
Ah I Feel Like A Kid Again With All the Scrapes~ sweatdrop
Jessamine Lovelace Report | 02/14/2013 6:20 pm
Jessamine Lovelace
Ah~ Well I Support It Cause 1: Everyone Has The Right To Get Married And Be In Love, Not Just A Straight Couple. And 2: I Am Bi-sexual So Yeah sweatdrop
And LOL Gotta Love That Feeling Of Freedom~! biggrin
Jessamine Lovelace Report | 02/12/2013 1:53 pm
Jessamine Lovelace
Ahh~ Hints biggrin And Who Doesnt Love Chocolate? LOL
And Youre Lucky. You Guys Can Hug And Stuff Without It Being Awkward (Brandons Face Comes Right To My Chest So I have To be Careful When We Hug XD)
Oh And I Was Gonna Tell You Something Funny That Happened On Sunday. I Was Texting Him And My Friend (Bre) And She Was Talking About Something (I Dont Remember) And I Finally Told Them "Hey Ive Been Sitting In Front Of The Heater In A Towel For About An Hour Now, Im Gonna Go Put Some Clothes On" And When I Got Back My Phone Had Nothing But Pics of Nosebleeds And I Laughed And He Replied "My Friends Just Asked My Face Is Redder Than A Tomato" I Just About Died Of Laughter
And For Some Reason (This Is Off Topic) Me And My Friend Emilee Are having A Debate About Gay Marriage. I Support It And She Doesnt So We're Going Back And Forth About It Now lol

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