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Paul Van Dyk- The Other side

skillet-alien youth

skillet-falling inside the black

Skillet-whispers in the dark


skillet-the last night

Weird Al-Fat

Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood-Exreme Improv

Whose Line is it anyway?-best party quirks

whose line is it anyway?-Let's make a date

people who been here


Just read it

im an aardvark who always spontainously combusts burning_eyes it never fails

HEY, YOU! YEAH YOU! Read this. Yes, this is the official SUMMER UPDATE!

I still have the proverbial Wii, though it's not really proverbial. I
have acquired Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and I have to say it is one of my (if not the) favorite games. Ike=ownzors

I hope you like the new media! For more, just look up Skillet on YouTube. They ROCK.

Also, ask me about Thee Camp (via PM, not comment)! This is 1/2 seeing if you read it, and 1/2 I want to tell you something about it.

Mind provoking questions:
If you tie a piece of buttered toast to the back of a cat buttered side up, and dropped it, what would happen?
If a syncronized swimmer drowns, would the others have to drown too?

No, I'm not obsessed with cats. It's the captions, man, they're addicting! Anyway, I get them all from BUT FIRST! Before you go threre, start at the last page. That's where the first post is. Also, the posts go in chronological order from bottom to top. Oh, and by the way:
User Image

Got your attention? Good.
Now I don't expect you to watch ALL my media in one setting. But I at least want you to watch some... Please?
Also, if you think your life sucks and you want help, come to me. I can give you support and hugs. No dating please XP

Now for other pictures:
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^Thanks Deb!
^Thanks spacepireatecatdude


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The Journal of DOOM!

It's a journal... OF DOOM!


What's this? A NEW PANEL? This has got to be a joke...

But it's not! Here will be my best characters, the characters I DESPISE, challenges and favorite levels.
[CAUTION]Spoilers do exist in many of these catagories.


5. Wario (Mario games, WarioWare series).
Wario is definitely my favorite character to play with. He's not my best, but he's much fun. First off, he eats things. Yes, with his mighty chompers, he can eat (or at least bite) just about anything-including other characters.
His Wario Bike is also pretty amazing. He gets on his yellow bike and runs over his foes. Sometimes, he falls of the bike, but he can get back on. But wait, there's more! He can also EAT his bike. Yes, as in swallow it.
No, Wario, go in the other room! Yes, that's right. Wario FARTS. It's possible one of the strongest attacks in the game-and can also be used to recover from a hit. But watch out, if you use it in the wrong place, he will rocket himself off of the screen.
When he gets the smash ball, he turns into WARIO-MAN MAN man manmanman... Yes, that's right. He gets in his purple spandex with garlic on it, and he moves super fast. All his moves are more effective. Although, his bike is EXTREMELY FAST. Faster than even Sonic can run. It will likely take you straight off the edge. Use with caution.

Wolf. (Star Fox)
For all those people who haven't unlocked him yet, I'm not going to tell you of his skills.

3. Lucas. (Mother 3)
Lucas comes from the same series as Ness, and has mostly the same abilities.
For one, use a special attack and he will make a large ball of ice. When it explodes, it deals damage while also freezing anyone around it.
His final smash sends down comets. It's not always helpful, but it does occasionally end foes.
He also has one of the most powerful up smashes in the game. The attack is very slow, but very very powerful.

2. Meta Knight. (Kirby)
Yes, the masked gumball-shaped warrior. He has the fastest attacks and can fly. There's not too much significant about him, but his immense attack speed is very helpful.

1. Ike. (Fire Emblem)
I find it quite strange that he's my best character. He has some of the slowest attacks in the game, but is definitely one of the strongest, while my old best character, Meta Knight, has the fastest attacks. Go figure.
Anywho, he could kill you at very low damage. His final smash is 'Great Aether.' What that does, is sends you up to the top center of the screen, and attacks you repetitively, then rockets you down to the ground. This sends you up, and will most likely kill you, if you hit anyone with it, that is. That's not too difficult though, you just have to get the smash ball and use it near someone, and you got them. It can even get two people, or three if you do it at the right time.


Ohh, don't get me started on this guy. He's really fast, but that's not what bothers me. It's his final smash. He turns into 'Super Sonic' (I know, real creative), which is eerily like Dragonball Z and going Super Saiyan. He turns yellow, and zooms around the screen, and it hurts when he hits you. You go up, and up, and up... It's really hard to dodge. I hate him with a passion. I always kill him first.

Toon Link. (The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker)
Not much to say here, since he is a spoiler. He's basically a faster, weaker version of Link.

3. [SPOILER (sorta)] Mr. Game and Watch. (Game and Watch)
His blocky movements annoy me. How is he so good? I'm terrible with him, but he always beats me. I have no idea how it works. His final smash isn't very good, though. He turns into an octopus. I know, very strange.

There are a lot of challenges, but I don't know how many exactly. All I know is that you can get these little hammers (there are 5 to collect) to get rid of some of them. I'm not going to use any of them though. I only have three, count them, three challenges left that I haven't done:
Defeat 10 enemies in Cruel Brawl.
Beat Boss Battles on Intense.
Collect all stickers.
This may take a while...

My favorite stages include: Corneria (everyone loves Corneria), Temple (everyone loves Temple), Luigi's Mansion, Battlefield, Bridge of Eldin, Spear Pillar, and especially... the LEVEL EDITOR! Yes, you can create your own levels. I personally think I've made some professional quality levels, and I usually play them.

Wow, that was longer than I had anticipated...


For DDR, I only have three different games: DDRMAX, Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2, and Dance Dance Revolution Supernova. Although I have also played DDRMAX2 to its full content (well, mostly), and I think I've played Dance Dance Revolution Extreme at an arcade once.

If you read my intrests, you would have seen that 'Dance Dance Revo' is on there. So, here is my favorite workout course for DDR EXTREME 2. WARNING, IT'S REALLY HARD!!

1.Wonderful Night (fatboy slim): heavy
2.Afranova (8bit): standard
3.Sakura (Revenge): standard
4.Paranoia Survivor (270): standard
5.Captain Jack (Captain Jack): heavy

By the way, those 3 songs are only on standard, because they are insane on heavy and are already pretty hard on standard XP.
I can USUALLY pass this (except when I had a bad day or something, and it interferes with my feet somehow XP)

Favorite songs on DDR (top ten coming soon)<-lies!:
5.Quickening-DJ Taka (Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2)
4.Un Deux Trois-SDMS (Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2)
3.The Other Side-Paul Van Dyk (Dance Dance Revolution Supernova)
2.L.E.F. (Loud Electronic Ferocious)-Ferry Corsten (Dance Dance Revolution Supernova)
1. Logical Dash-DJ Taka (DDRMAX)

My DDR game awards for...
...most amount of favorite songs: Supernova.
...the best self-made courses: Extreme 2.
...most classic game: MAX.
...most fun steps: Extreme 2.
...most songs with hard steps: Supernova.
...most classic oldies: Supernova.
...most big new hits: Supernova.
...most songs you've never heard of, but are still catchy: Extreme 2.
...biggest percent of songs you've never heard of, but are still catchy: MAX. favorite, regardless of awards: tie between Extreme 2 and Supernova. favorite DDR artist: DJ Taka least favorite artists: Barbie Young, Rose, B4U, and ASKA. There are more, but those are the ones I hate the most (no offense to people who like them XP)

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Dream Darkly Report | 09/22/2010 7:00 pm
Dream Darkly
I like totally miss you <3
Neonasaurus Report | 10/23/2009 2:48 pm
I wanna talk to you....<3
Neonasaurus Report | 10/23/2009 12:49 pm
I miss yo, Spike sad
I thought you were gone for good.
I remember you always commenting me on my journal...*sniff*...but not anymore.
So you finally got Brawl...Or I did...well whatever...we should exchange friend codes and battle!
Magicalboobs Report | 09/08/2009 9:10 am
I could always add something more annoying than little pink floaty hearts. biggrin
o a t m e a l xGOAT Report | 08/20/2009 5:35 am
o a t m e a l xGOAT
Pretty sure.

Might have to check though.
Selectively~Perceptive Report | 08/19/2009 9:04 am
Its alot of updating to do. O.O
LifeSuxEatCake Report | 08/18/2009 3:41 pm
@ w@
Sorry I haven't replied in a bit
Life has been hectic Dx
I hope you post your poem soon~ I want to read it :D
o a t m e a l xGOAT Report | 08/17/2009 8:19 pm
o a t m e a l xGOAT
Because I'm awesome like that.

o a t m e a l xGOAT Report | 08/16/2009 5:58 am
o a t m e a l xGOAT
That's a lie.

Because you were lying earlier.
o a t m e a l xGOAT Report | 08/15/2009 11:54 am
o a t m e a l xGOAT
I'm lost.


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