Hi.....so......whats up.....my name is Silo....you must be lost because there is clearly nothing interesting here.

Oh wait, you actually stumbled here on purpose?

................what possessed you to do that?

I'm not interesting, you don't see a forum or a video or sculpture dedicated to me.

So why are you here? You bored? Got nothing better to do that just read random peoples not-so-personal lives on the internet? WELL GUESS WHAT I AM THE SAME DORK ONLINE AS I AM IN PERSON!


........................ok you are not leaving.....whaaaaaaaaaaaat.....what else do you want me to prattle on about.

....surely you must have a significant other to bore....

ok FINE you win, happy now?!?! HAPPY NOW?!?

I AM A ******** ARTIST, YEAH I DRAW s**t, I AM SO TALENT (not really) I HAZ A GALLERY ONLINE AT deviantart

SO YEAH CHECK THAT s**t OUT......what else can I do thats moderately entertaining....um.....I can ...well. ok im useless,one thing i will say though is that im going to be a father real soon, and im living with my wife lauren who is also a user on this lovely site,
im not that entertaining so i guess i'll just create a small list of stuff i can do and then a fake list of stuff i have never done before.....enjoy?

Things i actually do

I draw manga
fiddle around with the guitar a little bit
I love to RP (role play)
i like to occasionally use facebook and other such social networks
I love to listen to music for hours a day
I love to fiddle around with computers aswell
and the occasional lan party on my ps3 with my friends killing monster, aliens and such.

Things I have done that make me awesome (this is not real)

skydiving with Obama
shot a Russian in the ankle for trying to steal the last twinkie
fixed the twin towers after they were destroyed, yes i am a firefighter
went back in time and had sex with Marylin Monroe before she was a hoe (whore)
Went to the future and ceased global warming
i created pokemon
i created yu-gi-oh
In the future i give justin bieber a special drug that makes him think he will go through puberty but he ends up over dosing on puberty and dies...I am the reason justin bieber dies in 2021
i had sex with a shark and i liked it, you dont know the meaning of oral until you had it from a shark
youtube makes porno exclusive for me
bill gates is my b***h
i bought sony, microsoft and apple inc all in the same day
im a BOSS


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XwolfX16, comic book, and thoughts journal

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its basically for some of the retarded comics that i make with the paint feature on my computer


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you want 100000000 gold then copy/paste this on ten gaia profiles and press f4 then log out and log back in and check your gold!!!!!!!it really works!!!!!!!!

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~looks about~ It.... It's been a long while since I've been online. I'm sorry for leaving... I hope the family is still together... Please contact me when your on next.

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-hides music from profile- >___>;; Stalker x3
Lord jake-shadow

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Lord jake-shadow

nice love the pro bro looks kinda dark dont your think
Gold Marra

Report | 01/17/2011 9:06 pm

Gold Marra

honest to god, I have no idea T-T
because I never really seem to be able to get many people to participate...
Ur In My Bedd x3

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Ur In My Bedd x3

no we dont know eatch other idk lol

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hey wut up???? question idea arrow neutral arrow ninja
Dreamy lilo-chan

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Dreamy lilo-chan

of course dummeh, why wouldn't she? scream
Lord jake-shadow

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Lord jake-shadow

cool pro dude

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Forest... Princesses.... just random crap... things that have all been done before... no males join my roleplays though lol The ones that do aren't on at the same time as me.


Love? There is no such thing[/color:a9a5e7a037]