I'm Ashley.
I'm strange.
I do make a difference.
You’d never guess there’re so many gifts inside of such a small package.
I will not put up with your s**t so don’t take mine.
I’m what you never dreamed possible.
And you’re about to get a nitemare.

I sing.
I dance.
I write.
I'm not good at explaining [myself].
I love to argue but I usually give up, if you make your point right.
I'm very opinionated.
But my opinions are usually viewed as wrong.
Humor is my defense mechanism.
I’m wayyy too patient.
I’ll help you with almost everything.
But I will not do it for you.
I’m tired of people trading integrity for popularity, depth for vanity, and independence for acceptance.
Since when was NOT being yourself “in”?
I feel bad for these kids who pinch, pull, poke, stretch, cut, tear, sew, and stitch their bodies like a ******** Virginia Ham hoping for acceptance.
And when they’re all done, they’re gone, and all that’s left are merely strangers in a shell of someone who once was.
I'll tell you to go when i really want you to stay.
I hate, hate, hate when people yell and fight.
I laugh at [everything.]
I hardly ever complain.
I trust people all to easily.
I adore winter.
And rain.
I'm loud and obnoxious.
I'm what people adore and claim to hate just so they can fit in. I'm the perfume that gives you a headache.
But you wear it anyways.

I love Vegas for its' unsuspecting tourists.
The high-fashioned bleach blonde cunts.
Driving around in their hummers with their pink razors.
Hands decorated with acrylic nails placed over their fake tits.
Pledging alligence to a lie they'll buy over and over again.


Darkness Is My Sanctuary.

Blah...It's a journal...About who cares? No one. ^_^


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[ genocide ]

Report | 02/25/2009 6:49 pm

[ genocide ]


Report | 12/28/2007 5:00 am


hey hey! melody here. ^o^
~Yoru san~

Report | 06/10/2007 11:40 am

~Yoru san~

Heeey so whats up me ish bored and if u r wonderin who it is tis kristina
dream up a reality~

Report | 04/07/2007 1:37 pm

dream up a reality~

imitation is the sincerest form of flattery~


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[C o n s t a n t i n e]

Report | 12/23/2006 7:18 am

[C o n s t a n t i n e]

Hey, I havent' talked to you in a while...

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I know the muffin man

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blaugh hahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!

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woot woot I am a train

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All i have to say is that u look like Tenten with blonde hair. and u talk way to much.


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