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My Stooffs!!!

Thank you Pocketbish for the Astra XVI: Charcoal Curiosity!!!

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User Imagephear da kitteh!! thanks OUO HAII

About Moi


'Ello to any deary who happens upon my profile, and welcome. My name is Viktoria and I'm glad you decided to take a peek whether it be to satisfy a curiosity, post a comment, or any other reason. If you'd like to peruse my profile to learn a bit about me, continue reading below. If you came to just check out the art, enjoy my partial gallery of works mostly by others and some done by yours truly.

La Moi un
La Moi dux
More of La Moi

As I said before, my name is Viktoria, but typically my avi is "dressed" as my first and most loved OC who often goes by her nickname Blood, but is also known as Castalia or Cast. If you're interested in her I'll be writing up her latest bio soon and posting it in my journal. (hopefully)^-^ I am currently 23 years of age, a college student, and amateur artist. I also crochet, cross stitch, write, paint, etc.; I love to craft and do anything, really, that involves making something with my hands. Unfortunately I'm my own worst critic and often end up despising a lot of what I create. x.x I'm getting better with that though. ^-^ I'm 5'11", have dirty blonde hair (though right now it looks more like light brown) that falls to my lower back just above my bum, brown eyes, and a...."different"...personality. xd I'm a bigger girl and damn proud of it, I'd never want to be a twig. However, I would like to be healthier, but that's hard to do with hypothyroidism. sweatdrop

I would list off a bunch of favorite things, but I have issues choosing favorites unless I absolutely have to. For many things it depends on my mood as far as what is "favorite". I will say this though, I love almost all music but country, no offense to anyone who likes it, I just can't and don't seek it out to listen to it, I do, however, tolerate it. I love most kinds of movies except for a majority of chick flicks and any movie that makes me feel like my I.Q. is dropping by the second by watching it. I guess I could list a few favorite movies; Princess Bride, Spaceballs, Robin Hood: Men in Tights (tight, tights! XD), Avatar...there are really way too many to list. I don't really watch T.V.'t say too much there... I like all kinds of foods and am willing to try nearly anything as long as seafood isn't involved, although I will say that I like calamari when it's done right.XD I love animals and currently have a tortie point Persian cat named Willow and a Japanese Chin/Pekingese mix named Daisy who only has one eye; both are rescues. cat_3nodding emotion_bigheart I would love also to have a snake, hedgehog, and a fruit bat. (Yes I know random.)

As for things I won't go too far into this but cheaters, dishonesty, and disloyalty.

xYouthxOfxAxNationx is my Gaian adopted little sister. You mess with deal with me, got it? stare

Not sure what else to put here so....

Your name isn't really spelled with a 'k'...
Uhm...yes, it is. It's the Swedish spelling of it in honor of my Swedish heritage.

Send me a message if you have any questions or would just like to chat! 3nodding


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