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About M E

Sup I'm Katie
my hair is blond, but not for long
I love animals
I'm a vegetarian DEAL WITH IT
I think online dating is pointless
I have frappuccino in my veins
I have one bro.
I love school
My fav. song is You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban
I'm funny, athletic, weird, hyper, dramatic, random, outgoing, caring, fun, me.
I'm just me
nothing special
but me

My bars routine.
Low bar-
Mount Kip
back hip circle
cast squat on
High bar-
back hip circle
dismount flyaway

My beam routine.
Mount- hitch kick
dance combo
full turn
releve turn
cartwheel cartwheel
switch leap wolf jump
ect.... i haven't finished creating this routine yet (wish me luck at practice!)

My potential floor routine.
possible floor music- bout it from step up or halloween
back tumbling pass- roundoff back handspring back handspring
front tumbling pass- front tuck front walkover roundoff or front walkover front walkover roundoff
random tumbling pass- probably front
jumps- tuck fulls, wolf halfs, ring jumps, strattle, ect.
dance tumble dance- tuck jump roundoff strattle
tumble dance tumble- front walkover wolf back handspring
other- dance sequence, switch leap, ring leap, full turn

Vault- none.
Hey, if you go to my school, tell me! Come to one of my meets! Just ask me when they are and I'll see you there!

Hola, me llamo Lola. Yo tengo doce anos. Yo soy una chica muy deportista y inteligente. Me gusta practicar deportes, correr, y nadar. A veces, me gusta ir a la escuela. Pues, adios. Hasta luego.
You would only know what that means if you've taken Spanish or if you're taking it now or something. Yeah, sorry I didnt have any of the accent marks. I didn't really feel like adding them in.


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sweet euphimiea 2 Report | 11/10/2010 6:50 pm
sweet euphimiea 2
report_3000 Report | 04/10/2010 1:47 pm
i love gymnastics my fav gymnast is nastia liukin, my friend went to a camp and got alicia sacramones autograph for me! i luckily just got my longhang pullover on bars and so i added it in my bars routine for states.
I - inzan3 c00ki3z Report | 03/25/2010 8:46 pm
I - inzan3 c00ki3z
i under stood the spanish down there but i don't take spanish.

i AM spanish or mexican......
I - inzan3 c00ki3z Report | 03/06/2010 7:23 pm
I - inzan3 c00ki3z
hey hey hey.
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asianCuTiE97 Report | 12/26/2009 7:18 pm
i dont want to!!!!
Remo Ernesto Rotondo Report | 11/27/2009 4:10 pm
Remo Ernesto Rotondo
Thanks for choosing my bottle message! smile
asianCuTiE97 Report | 11/25/2009 2:10 pm
no i dont want to
VampireLeemer777 Report | 11/07/2009 4:01 pm
Ohhhh i'm not fluient either but i know alot
VampireLeemer777 Report | 11/04/2009 1:35 pm
r u fluiently spanish?
blondecutie1234 Report | 11/03/2009 6:14 am
HAPPY HALLOWEEN...... a couple days late.
_rachel L S

Don't follow in my footsteps, I run into walls.

I run with scissors , It makes me feel dangerous.

I'd rather be hated for who I am Than loved for what I'm not

life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... it's about learning to dance in the rain

i'll stay up til' twilight
to see the new moon.
And if i'm lucky...
i'll see the eclipse,
at breaking dawn
and the whole time...
i'm sitting with you,
under the midnight sun.

People die... So love them every day
Beauty fades... So look before it's gone
Love changes, but not the love you give
And if you love, you'll never be alone


Lizzie is more than my best friend, she is my adoptive sister! She's smart, nice, funny, loyal, and everything else. I love her SOOOOOOOOO much and I'm SOOOOOOO LUCKY to have her!

Rawdi and I don't get to see eachother very much anymore cuz she goes to a private school. Yes, I wish she would come back to Byrd, but she's happy. And if she's happy, then I'm happy too.

Tyler is tall, blond, funny, smart, and shes beauiful inside and out.

Kim and I have had our differences but that doesn't stop us from being loyal to eachother. Kim IS loyal. Yeah, sometimes she can be annoying or stupid, but her heart's in the right place. She's a good friend.

Rach is super sweet. She's one of the most trustworthy friends ever. Seriously, Rachel is great.

This is Alia slash Kedrick, I should say, since they kinda share the account. Alia is like major helpful and Kedrick.... is a great friend.

Bianca is in high school now. She went to my school last year. She's so funny, I miss her!

Cathrine is Carolyn's sister, she's in high school now but she used to go to my school. She's really nice.

This is Carolyn. She is funny, she loves animals. We arent that close like we used to be but still.

Paul did gymnastics with me last year at Byrd. He can't this year cuz he hurt his knee but I totally wish he could. I wish him all the very best and I hope his knee gets better!

Zach is soooooo funny! He's in my wheel and my drama class, I'm so glad that he is. It's funny how he's always defending me in g block, isn't that right, zaskie? haha :)

Phaedra and I used to be really good friends, but now, not so much. She doesnt like me just cuz im a vegetarian! She called me a veg-head and a waste of space. Its just plain dissapointing how someone who used to be so nice could now be so evil.