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I'm Dianne, I'm 24, and I'm probably way too old to still be visiting this shithole.


[ba] and I were talking about you last night.~
god she's hot i'd go straight for her ANY DAY
eek xp
Yeah she's a looker.
(I said LOOKER, not hooker!)

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that you and blonde ambition are obsessed with popularity.

and i starve 3
and youll always have my heart BA. all the way back from the old days.

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by onacafeenhigh 4laugh

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By this island~ heart

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By me~ biggrin

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By Purple Angelica

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By Hypothermic Poseidon!! Deranged Technicolor, me, and Otanchin~

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Giftart of Otanchin, RichardSimmonsLovesYou, and myself from RichardSimmons

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By Chowder 88~ <333 Gorgeous!!

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Thx Akira Eats Bread!!

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lol by me

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I drew this too :B