There Is Truth In The Words Of The Fallen

Trapped Between Worlds. Frozen In Time In A Portrait Of Souls.


Let Them Not Judge A Caged Animal, For Trapped In The Arms Of This Nightmare, They Would Surely Gnaw Themselves Limbless, To Escape Its Grip.

Blodug Stal
Masterless Wraith
When Blodug was a human, he fought in wars of now forgotten times. He had a primal predisposition to killing, and a natural innate talent for it. He was a prized soldier who had no care for which side he was on.
Wars came and passed. Eventually, nation after nation was conquered around him. He was running out of opponents, of wars, of purpose. One huge, and possibly final war was coming to a beginning. He wanted to kill, simply let the blood stain the ground as he ran past, the corpses dropping behind him... and so he did. Body after body claimed its resting place on the soil. Eventually, Blodug fell as well, the numbers too numerous. He died with a fierce, piercing glare in his eyes and a slight smirk on his lips as his soul fled his body.
Centuries passed. Civilizations fell to make room for new ones. New battles emerged. A physician of the demons was instructed to raise multiple warriors of the past as the soulless entities known as wraiths to insure the fall of a civilization.
Blodug was among these risen. Given a steel sword turned black by the hate of the fallen, he walked the Earth once again. Battles were fought and won. The civilization fell. The rest of the wraiths were dead, and he was assumed so. From this point on, his existence was merely a mistake of the underworld.

Abilities and Oddities:
Hatred Sword:
Blodug, his ability with a sword already extremely impressive in his life, had never grown attached to a single sword. When he rose a a wraith, he grew to love the steel sword, possessed by the hate of fallen souls. This sword is no different from a normal steel sword, save a few unique traits. The sword, when damaged, will use the hate possessing it to repair itself. Also, this sword under command of the wraith, Blodug can summon the sword to his hand from afar.
Cloak Slither:
Blodug is able to temporarily collapse his body into his cloak and slither about in it for short distances. This proves useful mostly for evasion. The right hand must be kept outside of his cloak to hold the sword.
Being a risen warrior meant to fuel wars, his new body was made with exceptional strength.
Fluid Movement:
Blodug's wraith body can move fluidly, sliding across the ground swiftly from place to place.
Dead Flesh:
Blodug is made of dead flesh animated by negative emotions and souls. Therefore, he is able to absorb bullet shots frequently, no blood running through his veins. His limbs can be cut off however, if an enemy can expertly place the swing of his blade.
The Cloak:
If Blodug's cloak is removed, his body will temporarily dissipate completely, and reform inside the cloak over the period of about 30 seconds. If the cloak itself is damaged, the souls and hate animating the wraith will be burrowed to fix the cloak, much like the sword, but taking energy from the wraith.
Slow Regeneration:
Also burrowing from the negative emotions and souls within him, Blodug can heal or recreate parts of his body.

Begin To Light. We Must Ignite. We Creed To Fight. Begin Our Night.


Salvation, Isolation Of Life. Swallowed Whole By Portraits In Time. And My Soul Escapes Me. I Fade Away.

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His Wraith Sword:
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When He Was Alive:
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His Old Master:
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