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heehee i made the icons!

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I love to make icons! Correction my computer is fixed and the school computers are a little messed up at the moment so i wont be able to get on at school for a bit but they are getting it fixed at the moment.

Name: Amanda
Nickname: Manda Panda
Age: 15 years young
Birth date: February 8th
State: GloomySunny Florida
Twin:I am Emo-mo(sammy)
deviantART:Blinding love
Neopets: _billabong_girl_0208
Bebo: Kitty193646@aol.com seach meh

Blinding love Loves:
Loves; Her hair
Loves; Her eyes
Loves; Her negativity
Loves; Music <3
Loves; Anime
Loves; Her inter and outer emoness
Loves; Her emo corner in 2nd block
Loves; ALMOST all my fellow band geeks
Loves; dorks
Loves; Her friends
Loves; Her type
Loves; Self
Loves; Animals
Loves; Movies
Loves; Si-fi
Loves; Her Avatar
Loves; Improvement
Loves; Being right
Loves; People
Loves; Being Shy
Loves; Death note
Loves; L ^
Loves; Bleach
Loves; Naruto
Loves; Showers
Loves; Swimming
Loves; Skating
Loves; Shoes
Loves; Clothing
Loves; Her Family*Shakes head* Nooo
Loves; Gaia
Loves; Most Gaians
Loves; Delia*s
Loves; Being Different
Loves; 3mos
Loves; Rain
Loves; cold Weather(sometimes)
Loves; Florida
Loves; Cartoons
Loves; to draw
Loves; making computer graphics
Loves; weird people

Blinding love Hates:
Hates; Annoying people
Hates; Wannabes
Hates; Hillary Duff
Hates; Being Mean
Hates; Tests
Hates; Reading
Hates; Being Sad
Hates; That she is not self conscious
Hates; That She is very shy offline
Hates; Mean people
Hates; Snobs
Hates; Anorexic people
Hates; Hollister
Hates; Ambercromie and Fitch
Hates; Clones
Hates; Cybering people
Hates; Big Snakes (little ones are ok)
Hates; ALL Insects
Hates; Dirt
Hates; Sun
Hates; The Beach
Hates; Cherry flavored Meds
Hates; Spaghetti
Hates; Being in Love
Hates; Reality Shows
Hates; MTV
Hates; Being Sick
Hates; that i smell like smoke because of my parents... ='(
Hates; Being asked if i smoke

I love these shows:
Death note
Code geass
Blood Plus
Family Guy
Full metal Alchemist
Robot Chicken
Courage The Cowedly Dog
Star Trek Voyager
and many many more.....

Favorite colors:
Lime Green

To classify me:

One word: Emo-Dork

Hair style:
Down Long and Short layers, Side bangs hang over eye.

Hair color:
noticeable high lites colors: Blonde...Brown...red....light brown... Basically I dont know it is all types of colors!

Fav. shoes:

Fav. stores:
Body Central
Hot Topic

Fav cartoon character:
Hello kitty

My Friends
Art class...(art in general)

Last of all i would like to say that im on only allowed on from 5pm-10pm on weekdays and all day on Weekends.Thankx bye.

Um ya scratch that i am only allowed on well idk...I have practice every now and then so i don't know!?! LOL but i did get my computer fixed so0 im all good for now!

Okay, really i do have a life so i never know when I'm on or if i decided to wonder off into the great unknown! Like watching a movie, being with friends, band practice/games, Basically I Am not always on the computer...okay maybe I'm off... 30% of the time...
What ever, When ever, and Where ever I'm on it is for a good reason.... I hope...

I might be on more at night I just finished watching star Trek:Voyager Seasons 1-7!
onto Star Trek Enterprise! woot 15 seasons!


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Mine and no one elses

Meow Computer= loveā™„




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Report | 02/16/2009 8:58 am


Oh my gosh.

I love The Maine.

And Ouran High.

Your profile is epic win. 8D

Report | 02/10/2009 3:31 pm


Happy Birthday! Person I do not know but yet is on my friends list?

Report | 02/08/2009 10:54 am


Happy Birthday! User Image
B R A l N

Report | 02/07/2009 6:07 pm

B R A l N

Happy birthday.
B R A l N

Report | 01/09/2009 8:06 pm

B R A l N

B R A l N

Report | 01/08/2009 7:10 pm

B R A l N

Hello there.
SirLord Suffix

Report | 12/30/2008 11:33 am

SirLord Suffix

Sorry, never mind... My friend Fixed it...

Just one last question...

Is there a spot to put a music player?

I set my Profile to Custom and can not longer use the Classic midea line...
SirLord Suffix

Report | 12/30/2008 11:23 am

SirLord Suffix

Um Hi~

Did you make my profile theme?

If you are the same 'Blinding Love' I must say.

LOVE the Profile~

Just, I have this gray line runnung down the profile then I tryed putting a music player in the media line...

Now that I got rid the of the music player, I cant get rid of the line..

I even tryed to adding it from TekTek again... No luck

Could you help? If its not too much trouble...


Report | 12/24/2008 4:03 am


why didnt you talk?

Report | 12/22/2008 5:05 pm


hey its bellaboo11`s birthday today she wanted to talk to you


This be moi:[br]
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