Mitoko Sensei
Mitoko Sensei

We Are the Supreme Rulers of This guild: Welcome!

Welcome to Blinding Light!
We Pride ourselves on bringing
our members a greater role-playing
We accept any and
all members, but we require those
who wish to join
to be atlest

Our greatest achievement is that
our guild is clean, and well presented,
that it is easy to use and easy to travel through.

I am Skittles!

I am Mitoko-San

1. Bloodline_Sin
2. Arcelenon
3. Ctaricle
4. Wind.scattered_wings
5. Shikamaru[69]
6. [(~Callista~)]
7. Momiji_The_White_Rabbit
8. Krazy Kaori
9. [Sour-Skittles]

1. Skittles (owner)
2. Mitoko-San(Co-Owner)
3. (more soon)

If you are interested
in becoming a member,
please Visit the actual Guild, and
click Request to Join
We accept any and All!!!
If you are interested in becoming
a Moderator for the Guild
Please PM Skittles for
and interview!!

You can also PM either of us, in case
you want to ask us questions about our guild,
we will be happy to help you
if you need it!! Also, please remember, that we
really need members, so please join!!!



If You would Like to become a Mod. Please PM Either Me, Or skittles

[p] Our rules are standard, and are pretty easy to follow. We do not ask a whole lot, but there are a few things that all members and moderators alike, must follow They are listed below.[/p]

1. Follow all gaian T.O.S, not doing so is cause for getting immediatly removed from our Guild (sorry everyone, they are so nice to build this great free website, let's show some respect)
2. Your role-playing level should be Semi-Literate. It is important, if you wish to keep up with everyone else
2. There will be no sex, profanities beyond allowed, we are not hear to listen to your dirty mouth
3. You are not allowed to break the rules of ANY role-play!!! Do not God-Mode, Kill off another character, or anything else, wihtout the permission of the Role-Play owner
4. Remember, the RP Creator is God, and then, there is us, we are Omni Gods. Listen to us, cause if you dont, you can be removed from the guild
5. Respect all Members and Moderators, and vise versa, we must all get along.

Knowing the rules makes our jobs a lot easier. So please don't break them. We Have a 3 strikes your out policy. So let's not be hasty and do stupid things.