Hi guys.
Well, roleplays have died, and like I promised myself, I would quit gaia after they died.
So I'm leaving.
I'm going to really miss all my very close friends..
A lot.
But I just have to go.
I love you guys like my family...
This is very hard, and I really don't want to.. but I just.
...I have to.

- James,
I'm going to miss you guys.

I was born in Australia, and lived there until I was about 6 or 7. then moved to Florida, and lived here since. I still have the accent, but I don't use the aussie terms anymore, but sometimes I joke around and say 'Mate' and stuff. I live with my grandparents due to my mother being in the hospital and my dad's desease. I love to surf, I've been bit by a shark once on my leg, uh, i play football, I love skateboarding, um, i have a sister who's 1 year apart from me, uh, I play soccer, basiclly I love sports, i like RPing anything so PM me if your interested in RPing with me, I had 2 dogs a great dane, his name was Roscoe ( He died of Bloat December 24, 2007), and a boxer, whos name is tiki, I have a hamster, named hamdemon, his pretty weird and evil, I have 2 cats a fat one named bubble gum,n and a kitten named Zews, uh, I want to go to collage to be either a lawyer or docter, uh, I fall asleep in my classes, but somehow make better grades then C's, sometimes I get them though, Im outgoing and funny, I'm also 18 years of age, and Yea, this is my senior year, yay seniors, and yeah, I can't think of anything else to tell you, so bye..im bored..
....IM SO FREAKEN BORED!!!!!!! GRRR!!*Grabs a red bull, holds it up* User ImageTHEY GIVE YOU WINGS!!! *Says in comercial voice, then gulps it and grows wings, then flys away* HAHAHAHAHHA HYPER TIME!!! AND I CAN FLY!!! *Wings break*....crap.. *Falls* AUUUUUGH!!!!!!!!!! IM STILL HYPER THOOOOUUUUGHH!!! *Falls on ground* auuugh... still... hyper... x..x

Quiz time!!

AbOuT Me: The Best Myspace Quiz

Name::James A_________________
Birthdate::Feburary 26, 1990
Year In School::Senior dawg!
Hair Color::It's like brown man 0-0
Eye Color::Brown
Favorite music genre::Rock.. Metal.. some rap, what? I like it, shoot me.

Place to be::At the Beach
Sport::Soccer or Football
Movie::Any good horror movie
Thing to do::Surf or skateboard (FLIRT)
Female artist::Idk
Male artist::Idk
Song::"Blitzkrieg Bop"
Music Video::Um
Type of weather::Warm
Emotion::Happy ^_^
Girl's Name::I like the name Kayley..
Guy's Name::Uh, idk?
Thing to do on a Friday night::Go to the movies and chill
Scent::The scent of Nachos!
Store::I..D.. K Stop with the hard questions already! lol
Old School Artist::The Ramones or Beatles
Class (If ur still in school)::Gym
Sound::Strangely I like thatt ring tone sound Mosquito
Cartoon::Family GUy or the Simpsons
Drink::Full Throatle
Role model::Idk
Car::The hummer
Fast food place::Wendys

What: confused
Do u listen 2 2 get hype?:Um rock I guess...
Do u listen 2 b4 u sleep/relax?:Idk...
R ur goals 4 this year?:To Graduate
Is ur GPA?:like a 3.8..
Do u spend most of ur time doing?:Flirting
Scares u?:Uh.. fat people?
Reality show would u most like 2 b on?:Idkk..
R u most likely 2 b caught doin?:Makin out
Is ur most embarassing moment (If u have 1)?:None yah
Do u want 2 b wen u grow up?:A doctor
Is a major turn-off 4 u?:Girls.. on their periods- it's scary when they're moody..
Makes u the happiest?:Flirting ^__^ And my dogs

Do you/Have you::
Do drugs::Nope
Drink alcohol::Yea-
Have a significant other::Eh?
Get depressed::Not really.
Like the rain::Yea---
Had sushi::Yep, gross stuff
Have a dream::Yep every night
Have a crush on ne1::Yep, curently actully.

More about u::
Do u label people::Nah
Do u have a best friend:: Yes I do
A group of close friends::Yep
Have u been 2 a concert::Oh yea
Some hot celebrities::Eh?
Ever been on a cruise::Yep
On a plane::Yep
Do u sing::.. maybe.. maybe not..
How do u want 2 die::In my sleep........
Best vacation::Going to the bahama's
Do u have ne siblings::Yep one sister
What r their names and how old r they::Her name is Kayley and she's like 13
Do u get along with ur parents:: ehh sometimes..
Are you a health freak::NO WAY
How tall r u::I'm like around 6 foot 3 inches
Are u a perfectionist::No way!
Wat are your weaknesses::Girls crying..
Do you like to laugh::Yea
How about at yourself:`:Sometimes
Can you speak a different language::Yes I can
Have you been immersed in a different culture::Like going to another country, yes.
Are you always on the move::Like moving? No..
Are you competitive::Neeh, not really..
Are you insecure::Nope
What do you do to people who talk behind your back::Nothin' much..
What is the best advice you've ever been given::Live life on the edge, or don't live life at all!
What are you most proud of in your life::I'm proud of me!
Do you have any regrets::Eh.. some that Id on't want to mention.

What you like in the opposite sex::
Hair color::Any kind, doesn't matter
Style::.. idk
Personality::To be outgoing, flirty, and nice! Simple huh.
Body type::Skinny pretty much- but if like- normal

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Oh, and this is my dream avi, its peertty dark like heheheee, lol
User Image
Total Value: 4,826,466 Gold, 6,000 Tickets
[Item Information]

Item List:
Black Tribal Left Arm Tattoo (Have)
Black Tribal Right Arm Tattoo (Have)
Black Glamrock Jeans (Have)
Lunar Cloak
Lunar Cowl
Lunar Cowl
Lunar Scythe (Have)
Lunar Scythe
Prisoner's Ball and Chain (have)
Nitemare Scarf
Lunar Cloak
Lunar Cowl
Little Black Bat (have)
Hand Wraps (Have)
Gothic Veil (Have)
Elven Ears (Have)
Deadly Mood Bubble (Have)
Chain Of Command
Card Shark Bands
... Mood Bubble (Have)
Coal Gunner Boots (Have)
Western Zodiac
Guitar of Demona
Blue Sleeveless Rough Top (Have)


I'--m too sexy for your eyes, too sexy for your eyes of baby yeaa-- lmao!! (-PS, peeps who knew me before I changed this pic- I look weird without my hat don't I? o.- )-tone of " i'm to sexy for my shirt"
User Image
[Psh, got a hair cut >P]

Alright, I'm putting myself up to being on sale for Free!! Chopse different me's, for different things. If you want three.. you pay 5g.

Chester and Conan


A Werewolf pal

A demon guardian






A spirit guardian


A Brother or son named Gabrio


One of these puppies,(May name)

TwoTail Taken by: Ninja_of_the_Night812

Ookami xXxPixie_SticksxXx






Roscoe Taken by: Yukiko_Chan07


Wolf Guard: Ian


When bought, you get one of theeese~!: Ex of one already made--User Image

VEGEMITE!!!!!! (Aussie food xD)
User Image

vegemite cerial xD
User Image

" Oh, we'll talk about the veeegemite, and watch peeeeople ty to eat it! And when they're eating veeeeegemite, we'll have peeeeanut butter on toast, instead of vegemite! "

ok, I think im done, for now at least ^.^


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duuuuuude~ your friend darkyy is a skaterboy and a surfer?!!

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you're giving out rp away?! noooooo!!!!! ehrrmm i mean *ehem*.

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my iliteracy and newbness it's fine! but dont forget about me blaze?
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Oh! And I would love to hear about Australia. I've always wanted to go there. =]


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