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Hi! My name is Calla (Kayla), but I'd prefer it if you'd call me something else! Any thing really... I'm 12 years old, I blow out the candles on March 3rd and I love art <3 I'm not sure what sexuality I am yet, what I want to be when I grow up, infact, I don't really know anything about my self right now. I've just started High School and I'm experiencing some changes in life that quite frankly - I'm scared of. Art is the only thing I can turn to, that calms my feelings and everything down... I've written too much, haven't I? I wanna know about YOU. YES YOU. PM me and maybe we could BE LOVERS. c;

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A little about me:

Well this is just the stuff I know so far...

•Sexuality: Unknown... I think I'm bi? I'M SCARED SOMEONE HELP ME.

•Age: 12, almost ALMOST 13

•Gender: Female. I'm CERTAIN of this one.

•Approachable? Yes :3c

•I dunno I think I might be emo, you may not be able to tell. I can though.

•I'm weird as f**k, and I'm often a loner.

•I live in New Zealand <3 It's really hot here atm.


I have a feeling I'll be single for a looong time, seeing as being rejected is becoming the norm for me.

Click the little dude to see mah faaace.
I advise you DON'T click though.
I'm too ugly. ARGH sajabdbjdb

This is my little avi,
do you liek? //rolls away

This. This here. IS MY FREAKING IDOL.
Don't touch her. Because... Because I said?
My excuses are terrible.
Go give her some love guise <33
;; u;;

amoroustea <3