I have bad news gaian: I can't go so much on gaia anymore because i'm in school exams year this year.

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I'm currently saving up for this avii ^ -^
If you have an item you don't need on that avii, i would have it if possible ^ ____^

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Total Value: 1,515,231 Gold
After Exclusions: 670,186 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Wingding 2nd Gen (phase one)
Studded Leather Collar*donated*
Black Fishnet Stockings
Light Gray Leg Warmers
Elven Ears*bought*
Elven Ears (Feline)*bought*
Angelic Microphone
Panda Slippers
Lumberjack Axe
Demonic Pendant*bought*
Zombie's Feed-Me Shirt*bought*
Zombie G CORP Labcoat
Doctors Parabolic Reflector
Angelic Headband
Mythrill Halo*bought*
Dark Halo

Real Name: Blakie
Also Known As: Blake, Blake-kun and Blakie.
Birthdate: May 20th.
Likes: drawing/wolfies/foxies/white/blood red/black & blood.
Dislikes: If i ruin my drawing animal abuse & People who thinks i'm nothing worth D:
Occupation: Drawer, student.
Vegatarien since : November 10th `o7.
status: Taken by Nyo ~<3 ILY so much darling! ^ __^ (novembre 10th 2008 21:32 PM) ~<3

Bonjour everybody !!

Welcome on the profile from me (Blakie).
Well, let's tell something about me.
I'm a boy (Yes i'm a boy).
I got long brown hair till my shoulders *cough*
I'm joining gaia since 2oo6 i guess and i just really enjoy it here because it's just fun to talk with people, and making new friends.
I'm 16 years old *coughifeelmeoldcough* and 2o may i would be grow up to 17 years old. I'm one of the persons who is bullied when i came on basic shool. It was horrible D:
I like to watch animé like: Death note, Elfen lied, Pokémon (i know pokémon is for younger childs but i don't care.)
Elfen lied is my favourite one, because it's fun to see flying organs in the round and blood flying out someone's body. (lol sounds really un human i know.)
I like to draw, my favourite thing of drawing is wolves and wolves are my favourite animals too > -<
I think i'm a normal person, atleast even if you know me more that's the way how my friends think about me. ( well somehow i could flip out of the road when people are irritating me or my friends.)
My favouritest platforms are: PS2 PSP PC && WII (ofcourse wii :3 )
My favouritest games are: Okami Kingdom Hearts I & II Guitar hero <3 Resident evil 4. ( lol resident evil 4 is the coolest game i ever PLAYED.)
I don't watch much television. The only things i'm watching House ''the operation serie'' and Pokémon on television. (Dr. House is just a great actor.) > .<
I got a pet James is his name. It's a dog and a beagle.
Oh and he's really cute but he's already 5 years old ; A;
In my freetime do i most home work. *sigh* i know it's weird but i'm in my exams year so it's important :3
And further i got a plant on my room and i gave him a name when i was bored. So i called him Mr. Plant.
I noticed i could be really irritating to people and people might hate me or ignore me then. Well, i could be a brave young boy but well i try i try but i can't use magic you know .__. ?
Oh, and i love it to take revenge on people who hurted me then am i like EVIL. Lol but no worries if your doing normal to me and NICE then really nothing would happens to you. I really HATE bullying. *coughimightcutyourheadoffcough* if you bully me or if i see it. I could be really agressive but i don't care XD
I really enjoy bitting people if they are irritating me too. (it's not normal i know) A time back i had a DOWN ( you know a bad time & depressed) but now i'm fine and i'm feeling good. I enjoy live and you should do that too because you got only one life ain't i right? wink
And i'm obsessed from Nintendo, because it's just cool ~<3
That's it for now.
Hope you enjoyed the rumbling from me and that you know now something more about me.
Have a nice day!

I mostly listen to Rock, Hard Rock, Metal & Heavy metal.

My music Bands are:

Linkin Park.
System of a down.
3o seconds to mars.
Three Days Grace.
Iron Maiden.
Breaking Benjamin.
Fly Leaf.
Papa Roach.
The Beatles.
The Who.
The Exies
Green Day.
The Killers.
Maximum The Hormone

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Rest in peace, adventure.

Au revoir, take care and God will bless you.


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Omg Sorryy!! Happy Late B-day!! I'm so sorry.. I haven't had a lot of time to come online.. So sorryy!!

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Happy Birthday!

Jin Kisaragii

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Jin Kisaragii

Happy Birthday ^^
the unearthly light

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the unearthly light

happy birthday day Blake! I would get you a gift but... I'll get you one for Christmas!

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Blake, you got banned? o.o

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Hey Blake, this is Butterscotch pumpkin (:
I tried to send you a friends request, but it wouldn't let me.
Add me?


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Thank you alot !!^^ <3
Undead Vanity

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Undead Vanity

Undead Vanity

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Undead Vanity

Aw why? D:


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