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The beggining

Hey my name is Blackwolf and i am a lycan now u are wondering y i am one well a long time ago i was a knight for a big country called lore I was the best knight and i was also most reveired by the king but the other knights were always jealous and envious of me and they planned, I had been given a mission by the king to protect a convoy of merchants from darkovia to the capital little did i know the convoy was a trick and the other knights had brutally injured me and they left me for dead. I awoke next to a lake where the other knights had left me, i saw the full moon reflect from the lake and i was alone....or so i thought, I heard a low growl coming from the bushes across the lake and they were getting closer i pulled out my sword which was made of silver so i could battle with the beasts of Darkovia but my injuries were still bothering me. The beast lept from the bushes and attacked me and he knocked my sword from my hand and into the dark lake then finally he bit me...and with that i took my dagger from my belt and plunged it into the beast's heart. Afterward i felt strange and collapsed from the pain and exaution of my fight when i awoke the next morning i found a strange mark on my arm that signaled my curse. I was enraged and i could only think of getting my revenge on the other knights that left me for dead so now with my new strength i shall take my revenge...but they know i am coming and i will need more power to take all of them...


Well if u are still reading than the beggining must have interested u, well here is more

My search for power braught me to Gaia where i was to find a weapon that would help me in my revenge. I finally wound up in Durian where all the merchants tried to sell me weapons none of them felt right. I came to a bar for a bit of a brake and i asked if i could find a strong weapon anywhere. Everyone stared at me and finally a young child spoke up and said what about the weapon in the cemetary its full of magic. The others seemed to feel uneasy when the child said those words and his mother quickly took him away I asked the barkeep to tell me more about it but he was to afraid to speak about it. So I just set out on my own, and I finally came across the cemetary that was just outside of Durian as i entered the cemetary the old grave keeper came out of his shack and told me to stay away there were evil spirits lurking about, but then he sensed who i was and what my destiny would hold even though he didnt know me. He asked me to follow him deeper into the cemetary, and when we finally stopped we were infront of a gigantic cave he told me,"look i know who u are and I why you are here but be warned men who have seen the weapon have gone mad, but i can feel your strength and i feel that u can tame the spirit of the weapon but one day u will have to choose which side u will walk on the side of light or the side of darkness." With that i entered the cave and came to the deepest and darkest part of the cave where i saw before my eyes a sythe with a handle as black as the night sky, and a blade as white as the silvery moon that holds my curse.
it was trapped within a rock with a magic seal carved into the living rock. I came closer and grabbed the handle and as soon as i did i was over come by fear, pain, and most importantly power. I pulled and it gently slid out of the stone. I heard a voice telling me that this was a weapon of ultimate power and that i should use it to make my former comrades pay with blood the spirits name was Anarchy. I then emerged with the blade in my hands and a young man came searching the cemetary saw the sythe in my hands and lost all color in his face he became terriefied at the very sight of it so i put it away. He calmed down for a little while and then i asked him where the old grave keeper was. He told me that there hadn't been a gravekeeper for 3000 years. I then remembered that Anarchy's voice sounded exactly like the gravekeeper's.
To be continued

The beutiful witch

If ur still reading then u are about to see that even though i am a werewolf i am still human...kinda well here is a part of my softer side

Well i was returning to my place of action.....Darkovia with Anarchy in hand, and even though my revenge against the other knights was starting to come into place my power was still not strong enough to destroy them, so it was coming down to nightfall and the night was a Fullmoon and i did change it had been my 4 change and i was starting to get used to the fact that i was a lycan but i had always blacked out as soon as i changed, and this time was no different so i cant remember much that night, but when i woke up the next morning i had wandered into an uncharted part of Darkovia, I wandered aimlessly for hours and finally i found a large castle in the middle of the forest, i thought strange that there was a Castle but i wasnt picky so i knocked on to the giant wooden doors and i was greeted by a beutiful woman named Nervana, she allowed me in and let gave me clothes and then she made me a huge breakfast with a wonderful wine but Anarchy told me that he had been sensing a terrible power in the air and told me to stay alert but i was halfway into the Bacon, eggs, toast, sausage, grits, and all other goodies, and i took a drink of the wine and it tasted kinda funny but it was still good, but then I felt my pulse race and the room started to spin, and the beutiful woman turned out to be a beutiful but tricky witch that had drugged me and as i was going unconcious i could hear her say,"Stupid man u are just like the other men I had ensnared and u shall do my bidding forever." when i came to my senses i was head over heels in love for this woman and her wish was my command, and boy did she command first I shingled the castle, walked her dragon, dug a moat, built the bridge for the moat, massaged her feet, and painted the castle, she had me under her control and she almost had her hands on anarchy but anarchy could only be controlled by me or else the user will feel as though they had a thousand needles stuck into there skin, One night i was trying to fight the spell that she had on me but it was no use It had been 5 weeks from my arrival and she had just dismissed me to sleep in the cellar when all of a sudden I dont know if it was the spell or if it was my own saying but i blurted out I LOVE U. I think that she had heard me from deep down in her soul and she started to cry and finally she let me out of my spell. As soon as i was released i grabbed Anarchy and placed the blade at her neck. She told me to go ahead and kill her its what she deserved for all that she had done to the men she had ensnared when i had heard that i pulled Anarchy back, she told me the entire story of how she had fallen in love with a handsome knight and he loved her or so he said and then one day she found him kissing another woman and with this she was enraged especially since the girl was her best friend and since then she had tortured all men who had come into her part of the forest and so she told me to finish what i had started...then i braught her head up and I kissed her deeply and passionately and i know that she could feel the purity of the kiss. This was honest to god love, i told her of my story and of how the other knights tried to kill me because of there envy, she told me that she would place an enchantment on me not to harm me but to empower me 1000 fold
I was still uneasy from the last spell but i agreed anything to make me stronger. After it was finished i tested it by taking anarchy and i split a moutain in half. She then allowed me to make her castle my new home for as long as i wanted, and i must admit that it was alot better than the cave i had been living in since i was turned into thw lycan i am today i now had my weapon and a powerful and beutiful witch by my side but I would still need more allies than that to take my revenge on the knights that condemed me to this life.
To Be Continued

Raziel the vampire prince

Hey if u are still reading then i should really add another character well i have and u are about to meet him.

One night when the moon was as silver as the deadly cure to my....condition i was hunting a stag in the middle of the forest, and there the stag bounded into a clearing i was about to pounce onto the deer, there was an erie feeling in the air and anarchy told me that there was someone else in the forest that was hunting both me and the deer. All of a sudden a vampire swooped in onto the stag and killed it and bled the stag dry. I watched in amazement at the carnage and the loud screams coming from the poor animal as he was slowly dying. Then the vampire turned his head toward the bushes and said in a voice that would turn ones blood cold as ice. "Come on out you filthy dog i know what you are but what i cant understand is the last lycan was killed at the silver lake 4 years ago how did you come into place, it doesnt matter to me i just want to be the one that killed the last lycan." I jumped into the clearing the only problem was a cloud had blocked my veiw of the moon, so i returned to my human form, I pulled anarchy out and prepaired for battle the vampire pulled out a sword which i felt had a power that could rival anarchy. I remembered anarchy telling me that he was not the only one of the weapons of ultimate power, and that there were many more forged by the same blacksmith the infamous Jack of blades, I was sure that his sword had to be one of the weapons of ultimate power. I was prepaired for anything that could have possibly come from the vampire. Then the battle was on that lasted for hours on end and it was near the break of dawn when we were finished. We were both terribly injured and he seemed as though he new that the sun was about to rise and end his life. Finally he collapsed from the pain of his injuries. I thought that since he was a formidable adversary he should atleast live to fight another night I brought him back to the castle and i asked Nervana if i could keep him in the castle until his wounds healed. She said that it was fine as long as he was maintained. I placed him in the dungeon in a cell that was always dark. The very next night he awoke with a startle wondering where he was. I told him to relax and that he was in a safe place. He was bewildered at the fact that i had saved his life from the sun. I asked him y he hated lycans he told me his entire story. He said,"My name is Raziel and i am the vampire prince my father was Kain the vampire king,four years ago he was a ruler that kept ur kind as slaves but one day one of ur kind a lycan rose up and killed him and my uncle tood the throne as the new king, he ordered a mass hunt for all lycans and killed them all or so we thought one escaped us and was headed to the silver lake where he bit a young knight, i thought he would have died from the bite, that is y i hate ur kind and that is y i hate u." I said in response to him,"That was a very touching story and that i didnt choose to be this way I told him the entire story of how the knights had betrayed me and left me for dead and how i wanted revenge." I also asked him about his sword, he told me that it was his father's and that it was a gift from the blacksmith Jack of blades. Even though his uncle was the king it was in his father's will that the sword be passed down to Raziel. We started to talk and we eventually lost the tension between us and finally he told me since i had saved his life he would do all in his power to make sure that my revenge had come to true and finally we had went from the worst of enemys to the best of friends and finally i introduced her to Nervana, who cast the same spell on him as she did on me finally i was about make my revenge come true but i need more preperation.
To Be Continued

The silver goddess

Hey for all the blackwolf fans ur about to see another soft side of me and here comes another character but this time its a goddess of the lake where i was bitten read if u are interested.

One night I was wandering around under the silvery moon in the woods of Darkovia and i had stumbled across the lake on which i swore my vengence. Anarchy told me to stay on guard since the vampires in Darkovia had filed Raziel as a trator for letting me live we had to stay cautious on our nightly strolls. It had been a long night and the moon reflected beutifully off of the ripples in the lake. I had an eerie feeling that i was being watched I put my hands on Anarchy's handle. All of a sudden i was jumped by 10 vampires when the first one had jumped out i had jumped out of the way and...relieved him of his life by cutting off his head. U see these evil vampires are like cockroaches they are hard to kill and they are annoying as hell. (unlike the Vampires i know today who are totally awesome) then all of a sudden the rest just rushed me and pinned me down and knocked Anarchy from my hands I could feel that this was the end. But then as they were about to end it I felt a Mighty force start eminating from the lake and a beutiful woman had emerged from the lake and with one flick of her pinky finger she had totally annihalated the vampires that were holding me down. Just looking at her took all the strength that i had suddenly i started to collapse and was down on one knee. All of a sudden the pressure was gone and the woman was standing on the top of the water and came towards the banks I was about to grab Anarchy but all of a sudden I heard a beutiful voice like the voice of an angel telling me that it was ok that she wasnt going to harm me. She told me that she had seen what the knights had done to me and could sense the pain that i was in. She also told me that she was Selene the goddess of Darkovia the vision of goodness in human flesh. She told me that the other knights did what they did because they were being controlled by an evil god that had been angry at the world for the longest time the evil god's name was Malpercio. For his plan of world domination he needed to get me out of the way. I asked her, "Why me why did this happen to me." She answered with her voice so soft. "That I and my friends were the heroes of legend that would save both Lore and Gaia from total distruction." She also said that she would help me in anyway possible she gave me a sacred call that would summon her at anytime but I could only use it 3 times. the last thing that she said to me was. "Some Day u will know who u really are." and with that she turned into an elegant swan whose feathers were as pure as the moon and glowed in the night like the light of god that peirces the night and flew away into the night, I returned to the castle and told Raziel and Nervanna what I had seen and heard and they could not have believed their ears I told them its almost time for our destiny we must prepare for anything and everything." all we need is one more person to help us.
To Be Continued

Lyndis the vampire princess

Hello all blackwolf fans I was thinking since I had Nervanna I thought that Raziel needed someone u know just to even things out so now making her daybue Lady Lyndis or just Lyn

One night in the evil forest of Darkovia Raziel and I were searching for something to sink our fangs into what we found would change our lives forever. First it was the princess that was Raziel's fiance being chased by the three of the Lorean knights well he didnt need anymore reason to jump in and well neither did I. Her horse had collapsed from exaustion and had thrown her to the ground, as soon as that happend the knights dismounted and went in for the kill, At that point we jumped down from the tree that we had been waiting in I pulled out Anarchy and Raziel pulled out Dominion. We relieved two of the knights of there lives but the last one was stronger than the last one. But all of a sudden Lyndis jumped up and decapitated the last knight, we just stood there and our jaws just dropped. Her weapon was also one of the legendary weapons forged by Jack of blades. She had a naginata that was named the soul reaper. When we came out of our suprised state Raziel noticed that she was injured and quickly rushed to her side, she had fallen uncouncious. we brought her back to the castle and Raziel had taken her down to the dungeon where he had let her sleep on the bed while he slept on the stone floor. Nervanna had told me to go and get some things from the forest that she would make into a potion that would heal her but i had to hurry or else she would die. I dissapeared into the forest as fast as i could it was almost dawn when I had brought back the things needed for the potion. it was touch and go and she finally made the potion, when she gave Lyndis the potion we had to see if she was going to make it. Raziel hadnt left her side since she had come into the castle. Lyn finally opened her eyes to see Raziel and said,"Raziel is that u I was so scared and when i saw u protect me i thought i was in a dream." he held her close to his heart and said u shouldnt speak it will only use up all of ur energy and dont worry I wont leave your side until u are fully rested and fully healed. Nervanna and I saw this and we thought that was going to be us and that we were going to be happy for all of eternity. It was three weeks befor Lyndis was all better and Raziel hadnt left her side for even a second. When Lyn was all better she told us that she didnt want to leave the castle and wanted to stay with Raziel. We told her that it was fine and we also asked her why the knights were chasing her. She said that the knights were trying to expand their territory and there first order of buisness was Darkovia. She had seen all of them in a huge army that was going to engulf all of darkovia. They had seen her and her squad of Vampires and chased after them. They killed all the rest of the vampires in her squad and she was going to be next if it wasn't for Raziel and me. When i heard her words i told her let them come we will kill them all and there was no one to stand in our way. I told her of our situation and she agreed to help us and that even though she wasnt as strong as Raziel, she was pretty close to his strength and she did have the soul reaper. So we let her stay with us. Both Raziel and Lyndis were over joyed to hear these words and kissed just as passionate as when i kissed Nervanna for the first time.
To Be Continued

The Army Of Lore vs Us Four

Hey all of the Blackwolf fans umm yeah its about time for the last fight and well there are only two more parts left including this so yeah.

It was a beutiful night in Darkovia and we had really grown on me for the 5 years i had been living in the forest, we had started scouting near the camps of the Lorean army there were 500 camps with at least 500 soldiers in each. I said to the others let them come and take it from us. We returned to the castle where we planned, and planned, and finally we had a great idea. That night the first wave of soldiers came to try and destroy us. Nervanna greated a great fog that cloaked the entire forest to the point where the enemy couldnt see the hand in front of there face it was like bringing lambs to the slaughter. We killed so many of the soldiers that the fog turned red. The soldiers that returned were totally insane and were talking about the red fog and how the monsters of the red fog were going to kill them all they were executed right on the spot. We returned to the castle and we celebrated our victory, we then planned, and planned, and we had the next plan, the next wave had come in and the vampires turned into giant bats and were eather dropping them from the clouds or they were bleeding them dry. Finally it was my turn i used my summoner and asked the goddess to increase my power 10000000 fold and once she did my eyes turned red, I transeformed, I grew three times my size I went almost insane. When we were done there were no soldiers coming back this time.
and we celebrated once again, we knew that tomarrow was the last battle with the lorean army but we also know that it was to be the hardest battle yet.

The Death of a God

Hey guys umm this is the last part of this story but dont worry there will be more stories with all of ur favorite characters and some new coming characters to so yeah dont stop reading and dont be afraid to comment on the stories ok

It was the day of judgement for me and to be honest i was excited i had my friends and i was going to kill the god that had made my life a living hell. We met them out at the field of battle I saw that the king was leading the entire army I also saw that he had been possesed by the evil god malpercio. I saw that i had to but him out of his misery so that he may no longer be used for the evil god's plans any longer I used my summoner one more time. I asked the godess to destroy the entire opposing army so we and the king would fight...uninterupted. With just the wave of her hand the entire army just fell to the ground dead except for the king. I told them that this was my fight and that they should stay out of it. They understood and told me that the least that they could do is let me use there weapons of power. They gave me the weapons and I used the summoner one last time. I asked the godess to fuse all the weapons together and let it be strong enough to kill a god. She did as I had asked her to, and when i touched the the handle of the blade I felt the tremendous power flow through my veins. I met the king out on the battle field and told the evil god to come out of the king or i would kill both of them. Malpercio just laughed and said."Come and take me." we started our battle and it lasted for many hours until finally he made the first and last mistake. I knocked his blade from his hands and he begged for mercy. Finally I asked him why did he hate the world so much. His brother had been the god that created the worlds of Gaia and Lore. They were the best of friends and they had both fallen in love with the same godess. That was the end of there friendship. The other godess chose his brother and they had a beutiful daughter Selene. That is when he vowed to destroy anything that his brother had created including Lore and Gaia." At the end of his story i felt sorry for him so i decided to put him out of his misery. I relieved him of his cursed life and sent him to eternal rest. We had finally did it the profacy fufilled and lore and gaia were safe. The godess Selene had then appeared in front of us with all of her little brothers and sisters she then told her siblings that these were the heroes of Gaia and Lore when we met face to face there innocence was the first thing that i saw into there eyes and the youngest siblings all of a sudden said DOGGY MAN and raced over and gave me a hug. When i realized what had just happend i just felt the innocence of the children and i held them close so they would never lose it. We then parted ways with the godess who told us that the gods would call on them many more times in the future. We agreed that we would heed the call of the gods. Raziel, Lyndis, Nervanna, and I all returned to the calstle where we lived happily...but this was only the first of our many adventures together.
The End of Story One

The call of the gods

Hey u Blackwolf fans i have just started on my next stories so I hope u enjoy

On the country of lore there is a small forest where monsters roam and creatures of the night take flight that is where I had made my home my name is Kailin but u may know me as Blackwolf my friends and I had destroyed an army and killed an evil god. But now a days we just train our body for the day that we are called upon again, that day was closer than we thought.

One night in the forest of darkovia my friends and I had gotten a call by Selene the godess of Darkovia to meet her at the lake where we had first met her. Once we had arrived she appeared on the lake with a message to tell us. She told us to step into the lake and she would bring us to the stemple of her father where we would be called upon for our greatest journey yet. We were transeported to the temple where we saw a great statue of Rayson the king of the gods. All of a sudden the statue started to move and all of a sudden The statue started to talk. "Hello warriors i have come here to tell u that the elemental gods have been sealed away. I to have been sealed and I am using all of my power just to tell u this. We need u to unseal them they have sacred sotnes i was able to give them to Selene who escaped being sealed. Selene then gave us the stones. There were 9 stones one as blue as the sea, one as red as the lava, one as green as the plants, one was as black as earth, one was as clear as the wind, One as bright as the sun, and one as gold as lightening, one as white as the snow, and one as Dark as the night . Rayson then told us to journey to the other temples and place the stones at the altars. Once we had done that we would have to face the one that had sealed them and destroy him and that would unseal Rayson. We agreed and returned back to the castle and then started to prepare our supplies. We would leave first thing in the morning and of course the vampires would be in the caravan as to not be in the sun. This was to be our greatest battle yet.
To Be Continued

The god of the flame

Hello Blackwolf fans well here is my newest addition to my story enjoy

It was the day of our trip and the first god to unlock was the god of flames Leonasiem. His Temple was an active volcanoe on a small island in the middle of the ocean and the only way to get there was to charter a boat...or bargain with the pirates. We arrived at the nearest port and asked for anyone that would take us to Dragonsclaw. Everyone just stared at us as though we were crazy. There was only one person in the bar who agreed to take us it was a young captain looked as strong as he was handsome. he said,"I will take ye in me vessal but only on one condition u gotta show me how much of a man u are by havin a fight with me." I accepted his challenge and we headed into the square. "This here be Riptide my axe it was crafted by the infamous blacksmith Jack of Blades." it was a tremendous axe that only a man with the strength of an ox could possibly lift he held it with both hands. I pulled out anarchy and the fight was on as we clashed blades sparks lept from our blades from the sheer strength of the blows. In the end the fight came to a draw and the captain said, "Welcome aboard my name is Zelos and I will be your captain on the S.S. Fullmoon." We thanked him and offered money but he just said no after a fight like that my boat is all for free. We gathered our equipment and set sail to tell u the truth i didnt like the ocean and i was always hanging on to the mast for support. "The captain just laughed havent gotten your sea legs have u dont worry lad they will come in time. By the way might I be askin y u are goin to the cursed island." We told him everything and he just said, "Well now sounds like u have seen your fare share of brawlin....Then its decided I am comin with you on the journey of yours just so you know." We asked him why and he answered. "Well I have always bin thinkin I was here for a higher callin and it dont get any higher than this and besides Riptide is just waitin to make a big splash, now get some sleep all of ya we'll be arivin in the mornin." the night ended quickly and we arrived on Dragonclaw island. As soon as we got onto the beach we headed straight for the volcano. When we got to the base of the volcano we saw the entrance immidiately. and we entered into a room that was monumentaly big we also saw the statue of Leonasiem. We then aproached the altar the stone started to glow bright red, and all of a sudden a Giant snake with 5 heads blocked our path. It said, "I am the guardian of the god Leonasiem u have the stone I see very good, but are u worthy of awakening him?" We answered him that we were. He replied, "I will be the judge of that when you are ready, then you can attack me, if u are worthy than i will allow you to awaken him, and if you arent well lets just say that you will be my lunch." After he had finished we started to attack him. It was a monumental battle with every move we made it got us ever closer to the altar. We never expected what the snake whould do next it took in breath and exhaled fire at us we dodged and ran and hid from the flames. After a long battle we finally won. "You are worthy to awaken him may he bless your jouney, and there will be many more guardians with every awakening good luck." We aproached the altar and we placed the stone in the very center, all of a sudden the statue sprang to life. "Good show heroes I knew my brother made an excellent choice choosing you to unseal me, but there are many of my brothers, and sisters that need your help. Thank you and may this be a token of my apreciation all of a sudden a beam of light hit Raziel and he then took out Dominion and it had burst into flames. The metal didnt melt so it was really awesome.
"A little gift from me now I will rest ok." We left the island and we headed on to our next temple.
To Be Continued

The frozen peaks

hello all blackwolf fans i am sorry for the long wait but here is the newest addition

Our map pointed our next destination the frozen peaks of lore no one had ever scailed the peaks and survived to tell the tale apparently they all froze on the mountain halfway up we started our journey and we made it halfway up but all of a sudden we all blacked out. When we awoke we were in a large cave in the mountains face with a warm fire blazing as high as the ceiling. All of a sudden we saw some movement at the edge of the cave the captain said, "allright beasty come on out an fight like a real man." It came out alright but it was enourmous easily twice the size of a ourdinary man it was a Snowman with teeth the size of daggers and a mace the size of an ox we gazed in awe of the white and furry giant. "are you the one that saved us?" I asked, "Indeed I am little man why are ya up on the mountain when you know you could have frozen?" we told him the story and he agreed to help us and join in our heroic journey he told us his name was Moog apparently his mace was given to him by the Yeti chieftan and that it was a present to the chieftan by a Jack of blades. The next day we climbed to the top of the mountain the door was frozen over with ice. I had an idea I told Raziel to stick his sword into the ice and let it melt the ice. It worked he shouted we went into the sanctuary and saw the altar the stone glowed pure and all of a sudden a Giant yeti easily 10 times bigger than moog fell from the ceiling those who would unseal the goddes of ice must first be proven worthy by me her guardian and when you are ready i shall see if you are worthy. We agreed and the battle began it took all of us to defeat the giant. Afterwords the guardian said, "Well done heroes.....Hmmmm is that you Moog" "Chieftan i was looking for you." "I know Moog but I must leave this world now and I will leave you incharge of the village goodbye." with that the giant disappeared into the afterlife. We then placed the stone at the alter and all of a sudden the Giant statue of the goddess came to life and said, "Well its about time you awoke me from my slumber, and I am betting that you would like to give you my blessings......fine umm you yeti hold out your mace." All of a sudden his mace was frozen and had large ice spikes on it "There you go now it wont melt so now i am goin to bed now and if you wake me up with out a good reason I am going to turn you all into ice sickles." As we were leaving our map showed us the location to the great sea that was our newest destination.
to be continued

The Great Sea

Hello Blackwolf fans I am fixing to keep up my story so i will be working on it for some time well here is the next part of the story hope you like it

We returned back to the port where we met Captain Zelos he had told us that he missed the feel of the ocean, and the beautiful women of the ports. We told him that we needed to stay on course and continue with our journey. We were told in the port that weird things had been seen around the place on our map a large water beast that would sink ships and would devour the sailors whole. Well that was the chance that we would have to take. So we bourded the S.S. fullmoon once again and set sail for the sea. On our third day at sea there was a huge storm and we quickly braced the ship for waves and lightning, I rushed to the side of the ship when all of a sudden I saw a large sea serpent four times the size of our massive ship, rose from the sea water and let out a bellow that shook the entire boat and then dove back into the ocean and all of a sudden the storm ceased and the waters became calm once again. I asked the captain, "what in gods name was that" "...........I ain't sure it was to big to be a fish i'll tell ya that" Moog then got seasick and puked on the side of the ship.......(ew) On our fourth day we reached our destination Nirvana cast a spell on us to allow us to breathe underwater we dove into the ocean and we found a temple on the bottom of the ocean we entered it and we came up into a huge room filled with air where we found the altar the stone started to glow we prepaired our weapons but all of a sudden we felt the whole temple shake we dove back outside to see the giant sea serpent.
Apparently it was the guardian it spoke using telepathy. (Heroes that wish to wake the god of the sea you must first prove your worth to awake him by defeating me in combat at your ready) the battle was enourmous and took hours and hours, Zelos was actually the one that made the finishing blow. (Well done heroes you have bested me in battle and therefor you are worthy of awakening the god) the serpent then disappeared into the sea and off into the afterlife we then went back into the temple and placed the stone onto the alter all of a sudden the statue of the god moved and spoke to us saying, "Welcome heroes I thank you for awakening me from my long slumber for your help I shall give you a gift you brave sailor of the sea hold out your axe." All of a sudden his blade had an aura of water around it. "you may now control the sea with it to do your bidding, I shall go back to sleep please awaken me when it is time for the final battle." The map then showed the next destination a jungle on a whole new continent.
to be continued

The western continent of the laguz

Hey all you Blackwolf fans still reading my story here is the newest addition to the story i hope you enjoy

We returned to the S.S. Fullmoon and set sail for the western continent when we arrived in the port we surrounded by all manner of beasts and beast people. What we needed was a guide to the temple. We asked around but no one would even think of taking us except for one man a laguz named Skrimir (Laguz are people that can transeform into full beasts instead of just half beast like a werewolf they fight in their beast form and will only use weapons in human form the color of their hair determine the color of their fur) Skrimir was a lion laguz who was as brave as he was mighty he was easily bigger than me but a little smaller than Moog, Skrimir's hair was a crimson red. We hired his services and set off for the temple the jungle was full of all manners of dangerous plants and animals apparently they didnt like the fact that outsiders were in their jungle so we were frequintly attacked by animals and plants finally we reached the temple of the plants where the goddess of all plants slumbered as we entered a giant wall of plants blocked the exit and the green gem started to glow all of a sudden a Giant carniverous plant fell from the ceiling. "Well then this must be the guardian" Skrimir said, "Heros that wish to awaken the goddess of plants you must first prove your worthyness by defeating me in battle when you are ready." "RRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR" Skrimir transeformed into his beast form, and his roar shook the foundation of the stone temple itself he then said to the guardian, "It's going to be a pleasure killing you." The battle began and lasted for hours until Skrimir the lion finished off the plant and crushed it in his mouth, he then transeformed back into his human form and told us to place the stone on the alter once we did that the statue started moving and then spoke to us. "Well done heroes you have now awaken me thank you and for awakening me I will give you my gift you brave lion transeform back. "RRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR." he then transeformed and claws were blessed by the goddess. "Brave lion now you have the strength of nature on your side bend the wild to your will." "thank you my goddess now rest until we call on you again." As we left skrimir joined our jouney and our map showed our next destination which was a real puzzle it was in the clouds.
to be continued

The Sky is the limit

Sorry i havent been updating blackwolf fans but I have been really busy and i have been grounded

We headed back to port and I just we just thought how are we going to get up to the sky when all of a sudden Nervana said, "Its easy i know an engineer who can make our ship fly." I just said, "Your a witch cant you just enchant the ship to fly?" unfortuanantly later did i realize she wasnt to good with levitation spells so we spent most of our time seaching for this man when all of a sudden i came across an old drunk in the pub. Told me he could make our ship fly when i asked him his name he said with a lot of alchol on his breath, "The name is aquaintence (hic) nice to make your Stewart (Hic)" Well Nervana confermed that this was the engineer. After he had sobered up a little he started to get to work as fast as he could four days and four nights he worked and when he finally finished he could tell we needed to leave as soon as possible so he allowed us to leave without paying on one condition..........I HAD TO MARRY HIS DAUGHTER crying crying but on the night before the wedding We all flew away and we never saw Stewart or his ugly daughter ever again and we flew towards a dark bunch of clouds where we saw the temple of wind the only thing solid was the alter which was inside of the temple we had to fly into the cloud. The clear stone shined as radient as the others and all of a sudden we could hear the flap of Giant wings. It was the gaurdian of the temple a Roc (Giant bird) our ship was about the size of its beak and our ship is about the size of a good sized Yacht "Heros that wish to awaken the god of the tempest storms you must first prove your worthyness by defeating me in combat and then you may place the stone at the alter and awaken the god." We agreed and the fight began but we were at a severe disadvantage we had limited mobility and the roc was as fast as he was large. I suddenly had an idea Moog freeze his wings with your mace as soon as he did the Roc plummeted down to the earth and the shockwave of the landing could be felt all the way up in the air. We then placed the stone at the alter and the statue sprang to life and said, "Thank you heroes because of you my freedom is assured so now you may leave here with my blessing...I have it your ship i will allow it to move with the spee dof the great tempest and with that we were able to fly as fast as the roc we just defeated. The map shoowed us our next location it was a Cave in darkovia it was the Darkest cave of all and so we flew our ship into the sunset.
To be continued

The Revalation

Hey Blackwolf fans your about to be in for a major surprise and i am sorry i havent put it in the story yet i have been majorly busy so here it is.

It was the middle of the night when we finally returned back to my home of Darkovia we returned to our castle with our newest friends and we looked at the map. Just then the map showed us that the cave was on the other side of Darkovia where no monster or human had ever gone before we traveled for miles and miles and it was almost dawn before we got to the cave we entered and when we did there was a scent that we could have never forgotten even if we tried to. It was the scent of Malpercio, all of a sudden a giant shadow flew across the walls and took shape onto the floor. It was Malpercio, "Well if it isnt the warriors that killed me the first time. I thought that you would have never come." We prepaired our weapons for battle but Malpercio didnt prepair for battle. "Defend yourself you evil entity!!!!" he just stared at us and told us, "Since my death there has been an unbalance in the world the light has had nothing to appose it or keep it in check so one of you shall become a god tonight and i believe that the one shall become the new god of Darkness shall be. You Blackwolf!!!" I was awe struck the shadow just flew over me and i could feel a new power flowing all through my veins it changed my body I could feel a burning and painful sensation in every single nerve of my body. I yelled in pain as my body was transeforming my wolf characteristics started to leave me. But as they left a new power entered my body my muscles maintained there strength as i became a new entity. When all the power had finally subsided i could feel all the power i had recieved. We placed the black gem on the alter and instead of it moving it would changed into my likeness and then it would only move when i moved. My friends told me that they were amazed and wanted a demonstration of my powers. We left the temple and i waved my hand one time the moon turned red and full and all the mountains were destroyed as though they were nothing but little tiny rocks. My friends cowered before me but i told them, "Please do not fear me i am still the friend that you know." Raziel just replied, " No you arent you are a god now our friend died when you changed." "So then who am I?" since i was a completely new entity and new being i deserved a new name. I so named myself Raigekka the shadow. the map then showed the final location the Temple of Light which was on the highest mountain and the closes to the sun. My friends wanted to know if i would come and i agreed to follow them and do battle with the one that controlled the god of light so we set off for the final journey.
To Be Continued

The Clash of Titans

Hey Blackwolf fans its time to say goodbye to this book im sure ill think of a third book but for now its time to end this one with a dramatic fight scene so final chapter time.

We traveled far and we traveled fast under the night and under the silver moon it felt nice being something so powerful but i must admit that sometimes it was a hassel we finally arrived at the foot of Mount Lucien the home of the light god and the sorcerer that had sealed them all away from the world and thrown it into chaos. as we climbed the mountain my friends and I were fighting off demons of light and pure magic and then we finally reached the top of the mountain where the castle of hope was. We opened the gates and there stood a man that was as tall as he was handsome (only said that for you ladies out there that are actually reading this story) how dare you enter my new home you putrid mongral. Do you know who i am, I am the new light god Terravasis now bow before your new god. I looked at him with all my hatrid and told him if i have learned anything from my travels is that this world is ruled by balance not by one force ruling another you sick freak and where shines the light shadow shall oppose it with its darkness. He looked at me as though i were some kind of deranged lunatic. Ha a puny mortal like you could never hope to try and oppose such an awesome force. As soon as he said that i had released all the power that had been bottled inside of my body. It hit him as though a tidal wave had just attacked him and he was swept back off of his feet. H-How did you do that only the god Malpercio has that much power. You fool i am the one who killed Malpercio and after unlocking his spirit he told me to become the replacement god of Darkness. Well that is impressive now let us see what ur truly capable of. Only the two of us clashed with all our might coming to a stalemate all of a sudden i could feel all the powers that the other gods had blessed to my friend's weapons flowing through me i used the powers of fire to increase my powers, i used the powers of water to diminish his powers, i used the powers of nature to fuel my rage, i used the powers of ice to freeze him in time, i used the powers of wind to increse my speed, and finally i summoned all the powers of darkness to my blade with which i sliced into the frozen king of gods. Thus releasing the powers from the trapped god. Thank you mortals thank you for saving all of my bretheren, and thank you for becoming my new brother. I apologize to you for what my brother malpercio had done to you. All the pain you must havce gone through, but now my brother is finally at rest. It was finally over and my friends were about to leave when all of a sudden the old gods and goddesses told them that there time as gods were up seeing that they could no longer help the planet and that my friends shall take their places as the gods and goddesses of the earth.
End Story 2


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