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Gender: Female

Location: Nowhere, Anywhere, and Everywhere, All at once.

Birthday: 09/20

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Wishlist Notes

I am not truly expecting to get any of these. It is just a list of all the items that I would eventually like to own, or really really like

-I am expecting to work for my items.
-Evolving items don't need to be that Gen.

Who Is?

"I am the ruler of all things Useless"

Basic Stuff

Aliases/Nicknames: BSapph, Sapphy, Sapphy-Chan, BlackSapphy
and anything else you'd care to use (as long as I know you're talking to me)
Mule Account: N/A
Gender: Female
Birthday: September 20th, 1992

"I am the Candycorn Agwee Queen!"
Not..really in any particular order?? Though my 'more' favorites are typically closer to 1st since I thought of them 1st

Colors: Orange,Blue, and Black
Video Games: Okami, Disgaea, Phoenix Wright, Left 4 Dead, Assassin's Creed 1,
Animal Crossing, Galaga, FFR, Final Fantasy 7, Kingdom Hearts,
Starcraft Brood Wars, Jazz Jackrabbit (Holiday Hare),
Cartoons/Anime: Gravity Falls, .Hack//Sign, Assassination Classroom
Movies: Coraline, The Lego Movie
Books: Golden Compass+Sequels, Dragon Riders of Pern, Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar Novels,
Webcomics: Paranatural, Dominic Deegan, MacHall/Three Panel Soul, Gone With the Blastwave
Webseries/Other: Red vs Blue, RWBY, Welcome to Nightvale
Humor: Subversion of Expectations, Sarcasm, Irony
Music: I have no idea- I have enough different Genres of music on my iPod to choke someone.
Flower: Orange Tiger Lily/Lilies,

Fun Facts
"My saliva is purple and toxic!"

-Phobia. Of. Cockroaches. Holy Crap. Kill them all.
-I love Random Funfacts, thus why this section exists.
-Friends have said Stamp on the Ground is my Themesong.
-I actually have trouble picking Favorites. Most of the stuff up in 'Favorites' is just...stuff I like.
-There are several games that I love the lore of, yet never played.
-I am a pansy when it comes to scary movies/games. crying ;;
-I have more than 200 Characters. Kill me now.


I do arts!
Feel free to PM Me any time about me doing arts! <3
Examples on my deviantart!

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Adventures and Commentary

Journal that has IC blurbs n things about stuff I do here on Gaia. It's mainly zOMG and Lake Kindred stuff. But, every now and again there'll be in-general Gaia stuff.


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