dispite your dislike for my bio your opinions are as worthless as you, period.

I'm an enigma you'll never know what kind of person i am unless i reveal it to you so get to know me if you decide to friend request me... or get the hell out of my way. emotion_omnomnom

Btw if i add you make the effort to speak with me, i don't add people just to sit on the shelves of my friends list. I'm always on the hunt, /dragon/ bounty hunter and the first son of death- (grim reaper). Always looking for a good brawl and never looking back, as far as I'm concerned talk is cheap. Most of my bounties are only made up of exactly that...talking. I've lived on this planet for as long as the cosmos were alined, i am eternal. lol

Likes/ Anime (obviously lol), video games, drawing (hit me up if you want pencil art) 10k, People that make me think, Weed (yes I'm a stoner, deal with it ), People of all sexual orientation and race, marshal arts, insane s**t, darkness.

Dislikes/ People with their heads vastly too far up their a** (who doesn't right?) restriction of surroundings and choices (I'm rebellious) Scum that prey on the weak, bigotry, hypocrisy. Other than all this crap, I'm just a young man, trying to find his way.