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Hi Hi I'm Blackcatdesi! biggrin
Well i am a 20 year old girl living in an adult world. I go to college so i can become the best massage therapist in the world!!!!!! dramallama
Hehe I may be a maure woman on the inside but i am a HUGE nerd deep inside this little kitty soul.
I love wahmbulance ANIME wahmbulance also i love to read manga and books ^_^.
My likes and dislikes. Well my likes are animals mainly wolves and cats razz also like to read and write stories (if i ever get time or no writers block >_<), and roleplaying on the side wink My dislikes is drama people, bad attitude, some rap music, and judgmental people.
My favorite stuff. My favorite colors are red,black, and blue, my volkweagon beetle car :cute, Favorite stores are hot topic, game stop, FYE, and books stores rofl

Here is a little information about this wild cat have any questions just ask ^^

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What's up girl!