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-I'm ancient
-Not very social
-tends to disappear from peoples lives.
-I'm sorry


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TA-Regret Report | 01/26/2019 10:52 pm
Gaia might close down soon. So i've been going through private messages and other stuff that i thought I might want to keep.

It completely skipped my mind that the last time we talked to each other was in 2015. I thought the last time we talk was when you got mad at me in 2012 or so.
That was sad. It made me sad.

Anyways, as I was going through my messages, I reread one that i kept, from you.

"it is better if you forget me. I am a bad person. i have no faith in me, but i have faith in you"
And it made me so sad to read.

I never thought you were a bad person. And I think, actually, that you're kind of really nice, and more nice than I would expect someone with your disappointed outlook in humans to be.
From the day that I met you, I thought you were so cool and wonderful. And liked you the most out of all our classmates. I don't know why. I just did.
While I certainly like liked you (though Jd made you off limits), I also liked you as a person and as a friend.

And though you keep driving or pushing away. That doesn't stop me from regarding my time with you fondly and warmly.

I'm not sure what I told you back in 2015. (the private message indicates that I replied to you).
But I still remember you. I don't think you're a bad person. And I have faith in you.

Your profile says you're sorry...
And while I'm tempted to say I forgive you. There's nothing to forgive.
Nobody's perfect. And I like you even with the flaws in yourself that you present to me.

I don't know if you will ever get this message, or if you will choose to ignore it.
But I hope you're content with how your life is now~ heart

Ja mata

You can find me here or at imyourjason -at- hotmail , ya know. in case gaia dies.
my very ancient email zerovirus is still alive tho, if you prefer that, i check that every several months or so.
Elyze Lafaye Report | 10/28/2015 5:54 pm
Elyze Lafaye
tyvm for buying
TA-Regret Report | 03/01/2015 6:28 pm

alright you p***s ninja
should i start taking comments seriously cause im starting to think i wont get to instachat you anytime soon
and if it's between talking to you slow and no talk at all.
im gonna choose slow talk
TA-Regret Report | 02/25/2015 8:59 pm
i havent done anything with my hot neighbor haha.
and ive already met plenty of girllsss

i just dont do anything about it emotion_c8
TA-Regret Report | 02/24/2015 12:38 am

well grace is my ex gf. korean
nina is long ago but also not long ago. ie. I still like her a lot heart
HOT NEIGHBOR YEAH. i always wanted one of those

idk if i've grown up.
sounds like i've had lots of girls in my life (so untrue)
TA-Regret Report | 02/24/2015 12:29 am

it's only 6:27pm for me
i'm in guam right now
TA-Regret Report | 02/24/2015 12:25 am
come onto towns immediately

right now

i know it's like 1am for you
you can do it you
housewife you
TA-Regret Report | 02/23/2015 6:57 pm

idk do you still live in..

wat state you live in again?

i'm going to philippines tomorrow morning.
i was usually online from 2pm to 3am
i had nothing to do this whole week

but i'm going to philippines once i'm there i'll prolly only have enough time for snail messages

i miss you lots
you're a punk and i hate you
but i miss you crying

i'm going to philippines for a med school interview
and i give up on nina

i broke up with grace. we didn't work out.
did i tell you i've been catfished before

i have a rly hot neighbor.
TA-Regret Report | 02/22/2015 7:03 pm
longer messages are for these rando dweebs i barely know

can i im you >:
crying crying crying
TA-Regret Report | 02/21/2015 7:21 pm
I want to talk to you much more furiously quick than commenting
this is 2 snail mail for me

imu crying crying crying crying crying crying