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`·.·´¯`☆ || Hello!
User ImageJessica
User Image27 / ♋ / July 17th
User Imageloves stars☆ and the color pink
User ImageHuge Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Harvest Moon, Tales Of nerd
User ImageLover of Jet classified_jet

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no swears allowed : (

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Legend of Zelda,Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons, Tales of Series, Pokemon, Monster Hunter, Samurai Warriors

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Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess, Pokemon Crystal, Pokemon Platinum, Harvest Moon DS Cute, Tales of Phantasia, Tales of Berseria, Monster Hunter World

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Yu Yu Hakusho, Tenchi Muyo, Outlaw Star, Gurren Lagann, Princess Tutu, That 70's Show, Game of Thrones

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Witcher Series, Harry Potter, Inuyasha, Imadoki, Ceres Celestial Legend

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I'll literally eat anything and all of it I am absolute trash H E L L O
Definitely eat pizza the most tho
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