Name: Robby LeBlanc

Rp name: Kinora Isitawa

Age: 13

Rp age: 17

Interests/Hobbies: Skateboarding, Black roses, playing with my band, playing the drums, poetry, singing, hanging with my friends.

Turn offs: Noobs, Being rude, being disgusting, anything haveing to do with school

Titles of Me: Poet, Drummer, Singer, Skateboarder, Rper, Gamer, American, Rocker, Naruto fan, good friend, something like a counselor.

My favorites:
shows- Megas XLR, Naruto, Chobits, Inuyasha, Cromartie High
Colors- Black, Red, Scarlet, Twilight
Scenarios- Cliff in sunset, oasis in desert, Field in moonlight
Bands- Blink 182, Thursday, AFI, Green day ( dookie album)

Saving a forbidden love

I'm anxious to hear her voice
even when I have no choice
I'm thankful for meeting her
I'm panicking in a blur

Confusion infects my thoughts
I see her face in ink blots
this love is possessing me
a bittersweet misery

Commit social suicide
my pool of tears has now dried
can't get her out of my head
She is my last thought in bed

I'm not so miserable
I'm not so durable
I can keep trying to fight
as long as i can hold up
I'm drowning in this cockpit
and yet my wrists are not slit
I'm in a mental riot
and yet I just don't but it

Desert of lies

Close your eres child
rest your head to mine
everthing is okay
everything is just fine

Lunar gems are gleaming
in the night sky
everything is seeming
like we will die

I'll repel your fears
I'll attract your love
i will wipe your tears
I'll take all the shove

I'll hold your hand
and stop you from fading
Feel the soft sand
and waves cascading

Look at the sunset skies
and look into my eyes
It's an oasis from cries
in a desert of lies

Twilight leers petrify
all that I foresee
elixer grace of my
phobic eclipse of irony

a cheerful morge of prop
a neutral scapegoat critic
a heart which always stops
the demon only mimics

camoflauged origin
get lost into your dreams
i'll deal with all your sins
while you think evil schemes


cross hair respect

You've always abandoned me
even though you were there
You've murdered me too much
Life never is fair

I'm neglected by you
all the time
Sure you say you love me
when it seems that i'm

i'm hated by you too much
you've murdered me too many times
I'm stung every time we touch
I've paid for all the fines

A bullet too friendly
mending my problems
A bible of false hopes
and bloody teared gems

I'm injured i took the bullet
only for yourself
I left the details in my journal
cause you care for nobody else


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Saving a forbidden love ( Sunset Log)

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