Name: Paige ( or Mel, I don't really care anymore. )

Age: 14

About me:

Okay, lets see.... I like stuff. Yesh. Stuff like writing poetry (though I'm not very good), READING!!!!!! Yup! Lots and lots and lots of books. Music. I LOVE THREE DAYS GRACE!!!!!!!!!!! Three Days Grace is my favorite band in the whole history of forever! <33333333 I <3 them a million times! Movies, MUSICALS!!!!! RENT!!!!!! As you can tell, I like the caps lock button..... maybe too much. I lovers my dogies. Bailey, and Sheyanne. I like the rain, I LOVE the rain. Especially with the puddles, and the splashing, and the standing on the roof of my car and dancing like an idiot in the middle of a thunder strom. Such fun. Clouds. Clouds are good. Clouds mean no sun, and no sun is good. Coldness. I keep my room bellow 35 degrees year round. BEING HYPER ACTIVE!!!!!!! Which I am at the moment if you hadn't already guessed. Punk/Rock/Goth music. My bestest buddy-friends in the whole world!!!!!! All three of them! Magical Faerie Wands!!!!!!! GLEN!!!!!!!!! I LOVE Glen, and he loves me, though he doesn't know it yet. My locket........ which is named Glen after Glen. Glen is one of my bestest friend's (Morgana-Banana's) cousin. He is the smexiest thing ever! I <3 him a BAZILLION times!!!!!!!! I lovers him, and I've already told you this. RANDOM HUGS!!!!!!!!!! I can never get enough hugs, especially the random kind. Holy Shiz I is a weird one..... FROZEN BLUEBERRIES. I LOOOOOOOVE frozen blueberries! Wind. Wind, wind wind wind. The wind is my friend. OMFG ITS RAINING!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I tell you how much I LOVE the rain??? I believe I did...... Well I do! You see? I told you that I like stuff. And you didn't believe me you silly little munchkin.
Now for the things I don't like. SPIDERS!!!!!! AHHHHHHH! I run, and hide in fear of those kreepy (creepy with a K thats how creepy they are!) things. People being mean to my friends. NO ONE IS MEAN TO MY FRIENDS! Because I <3 them. Cheese. Cheese is gross. I HATE IT WHEN GLEN IS SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! It makes me have a panic attack, and then it makes me cry....... and then I get sad, and I don't like being sad, especially when Glenny's sad, because if I'm sad when Glen is sad, then I can't make Glen happy because I'll be to sad about him being sad. And I don't like it when Glenny is sad. But now I have to stop thinking about Glenny being sad, because its making me sad. I hope you followed that. Gym. I hate gym. It is a cruel and unusual torture. TROLLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have Post Tramatic Stress Disorder when it comes to trollies. You don't even know how hard it is to type this. Ever since 6th grade I have hated and lived in fear of.......The T word. Ever since Mr. M and his T word obsession. * Shivers* Aimee. I HATE Aimee!!!!!!! Times a Gazillion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those who know who Aimee is would agree with me. EVEN ASK THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm serious! Even Ask Fae! So believe me when I tell you that my hatred is justified. You seeeeeeee? I do not hate people for no reason. Okay...... I need to calm down........ maybe have some more coffee.

That is all ^.^


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^^ I'm an icon whore


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paigey face!

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Yo my homie
Miss Paranoid

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Miss Paranoid

BWAH! I lurve youuuu.

P.S. AIDS!!!

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omg im going to kill her!!!!!!!!!!!
I HATE MY LIFE *24729985208724729482~

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paigeeeeeee i loves you!
Bolts of The Flawed

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Bolts of The Flawed

why do you all have to call me Hammy??? gonk

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Paige banana i <3 you!

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Happy Christmas Paige-eroo! ^_^

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I <3 you!

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