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Lil R e i 1 3 Report | 11/11/2010 9:45 am
Ayy saket naman, di ako namiss XD
Lil R e i 1 3 Report | 11/08/2010 7:16 am
Ayy siguro namimiss yung profile ko LOL
Joke lang po :]
Driggor Report | 11/08/2010 5:24 am

    Materials is actually what our sculpture subject is called. =))))

Driggor Report | 11/07/2010 1:28 pm

    so what year are you now?

    lol, in college my second to the lowest is Filipino. =))
    lowest of all is my Materials < i didn't sign up for that, i thought it was all drawing xDD

    added. :3

Driggor Report | 11/07/2010 3:25 am

    what do you mean school is faster here?

    wow your family owns a hospital? what would you take for college then?

    OF COURSE! you are in the Philippines now, country of the filipino language not english. xDD
    although to be honest, Filipino is a hard subject for most of us and English is easier. lol

    it will depend on you if you want a dorm, a condo or just at home.
    me, i just commute from our house to school but i am planning on getting a condominium next year 'cuz we have this one subject, Materials, where we do sculpture and stuffs and it's really heavy.

    yes, I have Facebook. =)

Driggor Report | 11/07/2010 12:16 am

    o wow really? what happened to America? xD
    i study in UST College of Fine Arts, i'm still on my sem break so i'm taking it easy and while i still can cuz Fine Arts, even though we don't have Math and Science, drawing subjects will surely kill you when they unleash their plates of doom. =)))
    although aside from that, sometimes i think that college life is better than high school even though college gives me a lot of pain, i don't know why but it feels that way. ^w^

    how about you? how old are you again?

Lil R e i 1 3 Report | 11/06/2010 9:51 pm
Ahah opo, baket?
Driggor Report | 11/06/2010 7:50 am


Driggor Report | 11/06/2010 4:36 am

    I'm good, college life already =DD.
    it has been like 2 years already, wouldn't expect you'd still be on Gaia, how's it been?

Driggor Report | 11/05/2010 2:11 pm

    remember meh? =DD/


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