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Incubusesss :D Emo things like boys <3 Uhhhh, Rawk music :D And Black Hair Now lemmeh alones ><;;;

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Great Moar Stalkers.

<3 Be a Dear :D


Black Incubus. Thats me, Baka .-.

Black Incubus's avatar

Last Login: 09/29/2016 3:21 pm

Registered: 03/08/2007

Gender: Female

D: Im, actually well , Im acutally a Froot cake. I plawy lus of games <3 Example.... uh? Mabingoi and maple , Uhm.... I like Boys :3 But who doesnt , thats why you cant blame Gheys <3. OH OH! I think people wif black hair are kewls. Psst i wub to draw a luts No need to brag but im bit of a pro. -.-;; Yush i knw what im talking about. Live wif it <3 Or better Yet. Live with me, If you are a boy , ofcousre >:l

What moar can i say? biggrin

RAWR. I Follow People without them knwing <3


...Well most of its true :D

Hewwu Im the wurld s largest Strawberry. lolswuts? Bish

One day ill kill all mah friends. Then put it on FAIL Blog <3

Dont mind my Prof , ill fix it when im not so lazy. Bishing computer..