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Hi there all! You've stumbled across moi profile! Moi being me! Jem, Hayate, Haya, whatever you know me by! I'm just your un-average fifteen year old girl! I love to read, I'm a total bookworm! Not only do I love book books, but I'm a total otaku too! Long live manga! I read as many manga as I do books! I've also recently gotten into American comics! I've never given them much of a chance before, but my wonderful twinny finally succeed in getting me addicting! Just one more way for my money to go down the drain ;3

I'm also a very avid roleplayer! Aaaah! I love roleplaying! If you're interested in roleplaying with me, please, I beg of you, take a look at my journal x3 You'll learn all you need to know about my roleplaying standards and such. As to plots, well I'm open for anything almost!

Now... I could go into a rant, but that's what my journal is for <3

I love random pms, so pm away! I love chatting about stuff!


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Jem's Rants and maybe if you actually read this you might get some rp tips x3

Whelps, I've noticed that I tend to rant a lot about people's roleplaying skillz, or lack thereof. SO! I decided to turn that ranting into some productive shiz and put it in my journal and then advertise it a bit so some people might read it and get



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What anime is your signature from?
I like the art style c:

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copper II acetoarsenite

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copper II acetoarsenite

I'm proud of you.

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Random Comment
Is that picture in your siggy from a certain anime or just random art? I'm just wondering.
imoomoo cow

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imoomoo cow

yeah I know I wish I hadn't said anything ******** I didn't know people were that mean.... Sheeeesh I mean like you will never take history seriously because of it! you can't learn history from it... dur >_>
Requiem Nightmare

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Requiem Nightmare

Oh and by the way, cool profile ne biggrin .
Requiem Nightmare

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Requiem Nightmare

Random comment.
Hallo~ :3
Nice avi.. Are you perchance going after a visual kei look? It's very nice. User Image

Hypster Hamster

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Hypster Hamster

-rolls on Hayate-Chan-
Hypster Hamster

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Hypster Hamster

-rolls on Hayate-Chan- :3
Blue-Chan misses her rolling buddy.


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