HEY GUYS I am Ember I am 16 and as you can tell from my profile I LOVE BLACK BUTLER.... sweatdrop Well I love ALOT 4laugh of Anime My favorite color is Red Black and Purpler I HATE pink. I very nice oh and I LOVE music!!!!! blaugh I am very smart but I Hate Math stressed . HEY JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT I WILL NAME ALL THE ANIME SHOW I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! blaugh I believe in Ghost I should know my house has FIVE GHOST IN IT A FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!

List Of Anime I know:

heart Black Butler Naruto Bleach Vampire Knight Ghost hunt Soul Eater And Pokemon heart

Well I can go on forever but I am going to stop here but to just let you know if you are need of help for everything I WILL HELP YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! biggrin