You know what.? Naww Im Done

Wait, let me see if I can write an "About Me" paragraph. K. Uh
My name is Dulce [; My birthday is July 23 ...
I live in Cali~ I'm currently a sophmore.
I play soccer and like football [; Barcelona and Packers nigguh. c;
I'm bisexual? Even tho I think the p***s is.. Just.. Eww. Smfh. Plus, ******** YOU GOOGLE.
.-. OH my mains are :
COLE, Matt, Trey, Casper, Amber, and my puta Sierra [;
Lmfao. Fck the word Hamburger. I ******** can't say it. I say it like Hamboorger.
-.- it's because my Spanish accent gets in the way ;l
I got bored of this. K bye~

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