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Here are 2 poems i wrote a couple years ago

(i have to find the other one! just be patient...)

What is love? Is love just heartless? If love means a relationship then why do so many people get hurt everyday? If love is liking someone why are so many people disliked just by their cover. Love is a gift, don't give it to someone who you think you are going to hurt. I've been hurt before be careful.

comment if you like.




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stuff about me and my life


art by kuru_kurugirl thankies! xD

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About me

Name: Princess
Birthdate: August 14th 1992
Place Of Birth: Accra, Ghana
Ethnic Background: African
Gender: Female
Status: single
Siblings: 3
Hair Color: Red-Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown/ Black
Height: 5'6
Personal Style: Shirt and Jeans, or a band tee and tripps xD
Future Location: not sure yet...

.W H A T. I S. Y O U R. F A V O R I T E.
Type Of Music: Rock
Place You Have Been: African, Pennsylvania
Store(s): Hot topic!
Food(s): Japanese, Chinese, American
Fruit Candy Flavor: Green Apple, Strawberry, Watermellon xD
Shoe Brand: Vans, Converse, Osairus
Scent/Smell: ,Watermellon, strawberry.
Sound: Whispers.
Candle Scent: vanilla
Sport: Softball, Baseball, Hockey
Vacation Spot: Tropical
Clothing Brand: Tripp, Samoa
Thing To Do: Hanging out with people, Movies, Drinking xD, making out xD, Cuddling xD
Weather To Be In: Sunny and warm with some breeze.
Bathing Suit Style: Bikini, Tankini (until i loose weight again -_-..depression sucks)
Accessory to have: Belt.
Cookie: Peanut butter!
Lingerie/Underwear Brand: um none...i hate undies..
Day of the Week: Friday, Saturday
Month of the Year: August
Day of the Year: My Birthday!
Holiday: Christmas
Season: Summer
Amusment Park To Visit: Disney World, Kings island, Cedar point
Shopping Mall That You Have Been To: um...none that are interesting
City: Pittsburg

.W H A T. W O U L D. Y O U. C H O O S E.
Cat or a Dog for a pet: Dog
Candles or Regular Lighting: Candels when its romantic..regular when i need to draw, paint, etc
Beach or Mountains: Beach.
Soda or Tea: Soda, Green Tea
Water or Kool-Aid: Kool-Aid, Water!
Lake or Beach: Beach
Swimming Pool or Hot Tub: Both!
Flip Flops or Tennis Shoes: depends
Shopping or Playing Sports: Both!
Coffee or Hot Chocolate: Hot chocolate
Getting a Pedicure or a Back Massage: Back massage.
Swimming or Tanning: Swimming
Rain or Snow: Rain
Sunny and Hot or Cloudy and Cold: Sunny and hot
Winter or Summer: Summer
Fall or Spring: Spring
Getting Flowers or Chocolates: Chocolates
Being too tall or too short: Neither
Going to the zoo or Going to the park: Park
Renting a movie or Going to the movies: Both
Popcorn or Candy(at the movies): Popcorn
Going to Starbucks or Baskin Robbins: both!
Rap Music or Alternative Music: Alternative
Country Music or Pop Music: Pop?
Comedy Movie or Romance Movie: Romance
Action Movie or Scary Movie: Scary
Buy a new DVD or Buy a new CD: Both
Getting Jewlery as a gift or Tickets to see your favorite band play: Tickets for my favorite band.
Dancing or Singing: Both!
Mexican Food or Chinese Food: Both!
Italian Food or Japanese Food: Both!
Not Getting Enough Sleep or Sleeping the Day Away: Sleeping the day away
Act in front of an audience or Sing in front of an audience: Sing
Mini Skirt or Short Shorts: Mini skirt.
Tankini or Bikini: Bikini.
Wearing all black or Wearing all white: Black
Wedding In a Church or Wedding On the Beach: On the Beach
Serious Relationship or Dating Around: Serious relationship
Living In the City or The Country: City
Love or Money: Love
Lust or Love: A little bit of lust but more love
Having a bunch of kids or Having a bunch of pets: eh...

. W H A T .
Is the one thing you would take on a desert island: Plenty of water.
City do you most want to visit: Tokyo
Is Your First Thoughts Waking Up: I wish i had a bf to cuddle...
Are Your Last Thoughts Going to Sleep: I still wish i had a bf to cuddle..
Would you Do with a million dollars: spend some, save most of it
Have You Secretly Always Wanted To Be: not telling >.>
Animal Would You Like To Be For A Day: Ant
Is Your Least Favorite Food: um...i dunno. im not that picky

Did You Want To Be Growing Up: Grapic Designer, Nude Potographer xD
Is You Favorite Childhood Memory: not sure...when i came to america? but then again ppl here suck...
Is The One Country You Would Visit: Japan
Is Your Favorite Style of Clothing: Goth
Is Your Least Favorite Style of Clothing: Ghetto

.W H E R E.
Do you want to get married at: The beach
Do you want to go on your honeymoon: lots of sand, you can see the stars and lots of nice restarants
Was your first kiss at: the apartment i usted to live at with one of my first friends...i was 5 and just moved to the country...i didnt know any better xD
Was Your "First Time" or Where would you want it to be: not telling...ask me that later >.>
Would you like to go on a MISSION trip at: Darfur, Sudan. i hate genocide...>.>


boy toys:15 mrgreen
random bites:41 twisted
i love random pmes heart
spanks: 4 mad D
pics in journal please comment! mad D heart
my b-day is august14th heart



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Karin Loving Report | 01/24/2013 8:25 pm
Karin Loving
How did your art?
FitzLOKO87 Report | 12/14/2009 3:12 pm
Hey the drama in my life is gone, give me a call sometime if you want to talk.
If not its okay I understand.
Hope you're doing well.
Tunkaj_cristy Report | 11/01/2009 10:03 pm
Tunkaj_cristy Report | 10/28/2009 8:48 pm
no! hi i'm Christy! Now you do! lolz!
The Good Doctors Medicine Report | 10/01/2009 3:42 am
The Good Doctors Medicine
I can't help it, but don't worry, this was the last time it was free.
I'm not paying 20k to change it to anything else.
The Good Doctors Medicine Report | 10/01/2009 3:41 am
The Good Doctors Medicine
You knew me as boB.
The Good Doctors Medicine Report | 10/01/2009 3:32 am
The Good Doctors Medicine
- Mr Irvene - Report | 03/19/2009 11:09 am
- Mr Irvene -
I can't draw for s**t... haha Sorry...
The Good Doctors Medicine Report | 03/07/2009 6:16 pm
The Good Doctors Medicine
You're not wearing anything...?
- Mr Irvene - Report | 02/08/2009 6:58 pm
- Mr Irvene -
I usually just take an item that I like a lot and work around it... That always seems to give me neat results. And sometimes I just like cluttered looking avis, so I do that too. I have a journal entry with my most recent past avatars. I update it each time I change my avi. ^_^




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