"Theres a hell believe me i've seen it. Theres a heaven lets keep it a secret"

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I'm done with hate. I'm building bridges between those that I
have disliked. I am truly sorry, for ******** serious, if i have ever offended you, pissed you off, or if you just plain don't like me. I'm back, with a new attitude, goals, and a better heart. Don't like it? Don't give a ********. :3 Hey hater. I don't care what you have to say. Just remember, that I'll always be the same person, the same real b***h, the same a*****e, the same kid who stands out of the crowd, as I always have been. As for my looks, if you don't like them.. Too bad ;3 I'm beautiful, and not conceited for thinking it. I have what's called self confidence and just because you don't, doesn't mean you have to try to take mine.
Yeah, I have "Scene" hair. Yeah, I wear "Preppy" clothing. Yeah, I talk to "Ghetto" people. But that's what makes me who I am. "You all laugh at me for being different, and I laugh at you all for being the same."
"I will always rise above, no matter how bad the situation, no matter what kind of hate you throw at me. "-nick pheonix
I'm proud of who I am, I have no regrets, only mistakes. I'm nice, but I could be bitchy. I have flaws, way too many to count.
I'm myself. Don't like it? ******** off.


Bryona Nikole Lawrence
I'm pansexual.
{stop calling me gay a** hats}

born in carolina, Moved to Washington ,Then oregon. Currently i live in texas. i hate texas. it sucks. (:

I absolutely love dying my hair diffrent colors.

It's currently black c:

Labels are for losers so dont label me.

Stuck up bitches, end up with stitches.

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