Hiiiiii <3

I'm Michelle, just turned 18 and feeling like some crappy,
old, cat woman who lives all alone emo
Sooooo.... saaaaaad.

Me is a sad, sad pandaaa D:

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That's me. Peeps call me emo, but I don't give a crap
about name tags. whee So if you're just here to talk
crap about me, then guess what, I won't buy it from
some stupid a** internet troll rolleyes

Well. That's me. Oh oh, I'm female. That important
to tell to you :3. And... Single. Hate it when peeps say
you're ugly when you're single. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
off, you idiots. talk2hand

Talk to ma hand :3.

So.... Well.... That'sme I guess :3.


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'Dear Diary'..

[center][size=9][color=grey] :kirakira: Somekind of diary for me. Please don't pay too much attention to it. I'm really not THAT funny/interesting or whatever to read. Soo.. Yeah, that's about it. ;p[/color][/size][/center]


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Eileen Hino

Report | 10/04/2011 11:14 am

Eileen Hino

Wow, this is what you call an awsome profile smile cute avi heart

Report | 08/18/2011 4:36 am


Amazing avi. Love the whole look!!!! blaugh blaugh
The Last Blood Elf

Report | 07/30/2011 3:42 am

The Last Blood Elf

You're Welcome! biggrin
I'm good too, just busy with online games ^_^
Do you play any other online games?
The Last Blood Elf

Report | 07/27/2011 8:15 am

The Last Blood Elf

hey ya there biggrin
How you doin? xD
Sahliel Interitio

Report | 07/21/2011 10:14 am

Sahliel Interitio

thats my point
Sahliel Interitio

Report | 07/21/2011 10:07 am

Sahliel Interitio

woot woot first post whee


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