Who I Am.
Bishop, here.

One of the ways I'll pass the time is writing. I write mostly poetry, though I have penned out a (very!) short story or two in my time. I tend to write free-form, not really all that eager to be constrained by a particular rhythm or tense. If you're interested in my works, you can see them at my homepage. diadrin.deviantart.com

I love to game. Video games are the blood in my veins, and dice are rolling about in my soul. I don't play console games as much anymore, spending more time on my gaming computers. Table-top Role-Playing games will always be my first and dearest love, though, from Dungeons and Dragons to Pathfinder, from B.E.S.M. to Rifts. I like to consider myself an amateur designer of such games. I have several homebrew campaign settings in development, as well as a slew of third-party material I plan to release for both the Pathfinder Role-Playing Game and the revised 3.5 rules for Dungeons and Dragons.