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Art from Ems :heart:

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Fluffy Floof on 09/11/2023
Contagionix on 01/13/2023
Mistress of Darkness88 on 12/16/2022
LemonTeaLife on 12/12/2022
faeriebell on 11/28/2022
BloodAngel95 on 11/19/2022
` I z z y on 11/18/2022
sugasu on 11/17/2022
Ensavondel on 11/16/2022
Zerumi on 11/10/2022
Namine_MNM on 11/10/2022
Lyssillic on 11/06/2022
gangsta1691 on 11/05/2022
Celebiest on 11/04/2022
XO B S E S S on 11/04/2022
- Zilithion - on 10/31/2022
Its Meark on 10/31/2022
Griseous on 10/20/2022
MissEtude on 10/19/2022
iefanhel on 10/18/2022


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calypso reborn Report | 02/21/2023 5:29 pm
calypso reborn
Happy birthday Billiam! blaugh
LemonTeaLife Report | 12/12/2022 9:33 am
ty for buying heart
Tay Lorien Report | 11/17/2022 11:31 am
Tay Lorien
You're welcome. This avi focuses on my favorite birds, crows/ravens.
Umaeril Report | 11/10/2022 6:01 am
Ah thank you so much! Caly made a thread in FC, I posted there, hope to see you if you want to hang out!
Umaeril Report | 11/09/2022 6:55 am
Idk how you know who has been on recently, can you tell me?
Umaeril Report | 11/08/2022 5:44 am
Oooh I just found Calypso Reborn, from the old FG thread! She said she knew you were back. I wonder who else might be around. I have not looked at my friends list but I think I will see who has come back.
Umaeril Report | 11/06/2022 11:51 am
I am actually posting in GD today. eek I remember when GD was a toxic hellscape and now only the first page is active. When was the Gaian crash, I had no idea. I left this place for about 6 years I think or more.
Umaeril Report | 11/05/2022 11:54 pm
They have gone on hiatus? Charities? I used to go there but not much I can do in the way of charity lately, items are costly and there are a kazillion of them. Ugh. I search for inexpensive items, there are some very cute things for not much gold. Or platinum. I wonder how long this place will keep going.
Umaeril Report | 11/05/2022 11:03 am
I keep forgetting to come back. I also find Chatterbox oddly interesting, it's the only place I actually post lately since no one cares if I come back or not. xd
Umaeril Report | 10/30/2022 3:15 pm
We're doing ok, moved to the west coast and we just got a new kitten so lots of allergy fun for me, but it should wear off soon, I hope. Yes to ups and downs too but mostly ups, thank goodness. I don't have any hangouts here or I'd invite you. I feel like a ghost here.


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Art II:by dollyvamp

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Art by Konani O_o

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