Steve Mcdonald Lyrics - Lordship of the Isles
I woke up on a gaelic morn
The kindred soul within reborn
Voices call as the high wind blow
Softly speak within me so
Voices call within your mind
Voices call from back in time.
Misty hills on a highland shore
Holding mystery within their core
Of days gone when old men prayed
Where soldiers fought
..and children played.
Over the ages and over the sea
Back to a time in reality
History and music and poetry
Survive this timeless society
So I cry out to this land
Of ancient smiles
To the hearts and minds
The songs and rhymes
And all that made
The Lordship of the Isles.
So the feeling within me rise
From the humble start to the last demise
Children of Conn ye past remains
Within your hearts and within your veins.

Name: Bikky V(ick) R(azer) Goldman
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Race: Neco
Weapons: his claws, fists, feet, and knife
Abilities/Skills: there kinda secret…at least for now
Weaknesses: …not gonna tell…
Height (you): 4’9
Weight (you): 100lbs
Body Color: dark tan
Eye Color: sky blue
Hair Color: Blond


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Kohana Mishikoto

Report | 01/31/2012 8:36 pm

Kohana Mishikoto

*Huggles and cuddles*
There's no rush on you nii-chan. :3
Take you're time.
And I'm glad you had a good birthday.
This makes you how old now?
Kohana Mishikoto

Report | 01/31/2012 7:29 pm

Kohana Mishikoto

*gets tackled and huggles tightly*
YAY! I'm so glad my nii-chan is back! :3
I've missed you so much! I hope you had a good birthday. heart
Kohana Mishikoto

Report | 01/29/2012 5:17 am

Kohana Mishikoto

Don't forget, make a wish and blow out the candle!
Can't wait for you to get back! heart
The Other Mooncry

Report | 12/06/2008 7:41 pm

The Other Mooncry

Thanks for the purchase.

Come again.

Report | 04/21/2008 2:56 pm


hey ya just wonderin....

U a poet or somthin?
Repo Beast

Report | 04/14/2008 8:10 pm

Repo Beast

*poofs in* Random Comment *poofs away*

Report | 04/12/2008 4:49 pm


Tnx 4 buying!
Captain Merch

Report | 04/02/2008 11:29 pm

Captain Merch


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Corduroy Bear

Report | 04/01/2008 8:07 am

Corduroy Bear

Hey dude, just a friendly tip. I noticed you spelled neko wrong in your character profile -- didn't know if you were aware of that. :]


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