Here's some things about myself. If I think of more, I shall add. Other than that, if you have anything specific you want to know, just ask. Mostly put in random order.

Name: Ask
Nickname: Kuma (Meaning Bear, because I'm a big teddy bear. x.x)
Sex: Male
Sign: Libra
Birthstone: Sapphire
Status: Single
Sexuality: Straight
Picture: In my journal (One is my philosophy of my heart, the other is a photo of me. You have to be my friend in order to see the photo though.)

Kind, Sweet, Caring, Stubborn, Goofy, Oddball, Hermit, Loner, Calm, Laid Back, Patient, Protective, Shy, Strong, Responsible, Childish, Mature, Perverted (from time to time), Loyal, Steadfast, Listener, Opinionated, Loving, Understanding, (Most of the time), Compassionate, Lazy (at times), Analytical (at times), Hopeless Romantic, Self conscious,

Rain, Lakes, Serenity, Storms, Music, Cuddling, Good Conversations, Honesty, Decent People, Good Friends, The Countryside, Relaxing, The smell of firewood, Pasta, Coca Cola, Dr. Pepper, Blue Gatorade/Powerade, Movies, Anime, TV Shows, Mythology, Many Cultures, Ice Cream, Hamburgers, Blue, Red, Black, Dark Green, the old Poke'mon games for the Gameboys, Xbox 360, Wolves, Dragons, Falcons, Hawks, Tigers, Jaguars, Texting, Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Frost, Hot showers, Swagger Body Wash, Irish Spring, Waterfalls, Weaponry, Vehicles, Doritos, Getting messages/texts and more.

Stupid people, Jack*sses, B*tches, Cheats, Dishonesty, Most Rap, Racists, Chicken Livers, Cabbage, Traffic, Fake People, Mosquitoes, Trolls, Car Problems, my shyness, Hospitals, Police, Drama and more.

Anything else ya wanna know? Just ask. Or recommend me to put up here.


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A random journal. Indeed odd.

These shall be just random things that run through my mind to random things I choose to write.


Just a song I like.


Dear Jeebus this is old, and I'm far too lazy to deal with updating it. Though, I probably should for a few things.