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Netherlands (オランダ, Oranda) is a supporting character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers. He is the older brother of Belgium and Luxembourg.

Netherlands is a man with a short, vertical scar on the right side of his forehead, somewhat short, spiky dirty blond or light brown hair with sideburns, and eyes that have varied between being amber, green, or blue depending on the artwork. His hair is styled and naturally appears limp. A flashback strip during the Christmas 2011 event indicates that, as a child, Netherlands kept his hair down and wears medieval tunic. Netherlands is said to be quite muscular and seems to be drawn to be about the same height as Germany. He often wears a long blue and white striped scarf, shown in his formal debut in the series as well as a uniform sketch. In the volume 4 strip At Netherlands it was noted by Belgium, that he's tall and handsome. He was drawn with an image of "unrestrained freedom" and dresses rather stylishly.

Personality and Interests:
Initially, Netherlands was said to be a strong strategist and world-dominating type of man who likes very young women and thinks nothing of using some types of shady drugs. In several appearances, including his debut, he is smoking a pipe. In volume 3 of the manga, Netherlands' profile characterizes him as a "solemn, neat freak, downer, Hokuriku-dialect speaking, scheming older brother," with Hokuriku being region west of Tokyo on the Japan Sea-side of Japan. Furthermore, he "goes Dutch" when it is convenient for him, buys cooking supplies from Germany, and has flawless "kitchen and garden maintenance." Later on in the book, he is described as "a neurotic, solemn, free older brother" who "hates tied things and messy gardens." Netherlands is also particularly fond of rabbits and owns a pet rabbit. According to Belgium, he enjoys reading romantic poems.
In the Christmas Rampage 2007, Netherlands is mentioned as having once fought with Turkey over the title of "The Tulip Country." In the Battle For America strip, he is mentioned to have attacked both Sweden and Finland after they built a villa (New Sweden) in the new world. Finland proceeds to worry about what would happen if Netherlands found the baby America.
His appreciation for money is further explained in volume 4 of the published manga. He appears buying a large amount of fish from Poland and Lithuania, would pickle it with salt, and then sell it for a higher price. Additionally, Netherlands would sell weapons to Spain, despite being at war with him at the time. During Christmas, he promised Belgium that he would bring Sinterklaas to his house; instead of spending money, he merely brought a Spain dressed as Santa. A flashback strip during the Christmas 2011 event reveals that, as a child, Netherlands' land had little wealth in comparison to Belgium, and he was stunned when he witnessed her lifestyle. Belgium states that she may have influenced her brother's business habits, though Netherlands states it was always his nature.