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Report | 10/19/2012 5:01 pm


ED was never my thing. I tried it once or twice, but people were always yammering on about some unimportant drivvel I had no interest in. I also don't have a heck of a lot to add to a conversation myself, so it wasn't a good fit for me. Alas. Glad to hear there's something on here that you still like though! So many get bored and just leave... After being loyal all this time, it would suck to end up backing out and leaving now.

I think that's probably the biggest reason I've stuck it out, even past the loss of my online friends. (they all disappeared off to college or became too entrenched in some new boy toy / arm candy to come online anymore. ) Even though the rest of 'em have gone, I stay because I've been here this long, I kinda just want to see where it goes from here. Well, that and I hold out hope that eventually maybe I'll find some new writing partners on here. *shrugs*
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Report | 10/15/2012 4:28 pm



I was wondering when I'd get to hear back from you. xd

So where do you usually spend your time on gaia? I don't have a particular place to call home anymore, but if I'm going to do anything on here, it's usually roleplay. (because I'm happily nerdy like that.)
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Report | 10/19/2011 2:17 pm

Krieg ist Krieg


Left, Left.


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Report | 03/01/2011 9:45 pm


I.. really like that egg-laying quote thing.
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Report | 11/28/2010 10:31 pm

Krieg ist Krieg

I cant say I have. Ive almost totally abandoned my consoles. WoW has taken over my free time.

On another note, Im getting a couple raises and a promotion. I will be SHIFT LEADER!
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Report | 11/27/2010 9:00 am

Krieg ist Krieg

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Report | 10/17/2010 7:16 pm

Saros Shadow

Your YouTube video is User Image
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Report | 09/10/2010 9:13 pm

Tiny Nipples

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Report | 08/21/2010 11:30 pm

Singing Bunny

Oh my xD
That's kinda epic.
I haven't noticed it though xD
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Report | 08/21/2010 11:24 pm

Singing Bunny

Weeeird xD
On the first page of your post history or later in?
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Report | 08/20/2010 9:30 am

Tiny Nipples

what the lmao!
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Report | 08/20/2010 9:08 am

Tiny Nipples

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Report | 08/19/2010 11:39 pm

Anti Churist

What do i think what is?
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Report | 08/19/2010 10:56 am

Little Miss Defeatist

Yeah, I'm only one away, I'm just too lazy to finish.
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Report | 08/19/2010 10:49 am

Little Miss Defeatist

Why are you even doing the achievements?
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Report | 08/15/2010 9:17 am

Tiny Nipples

LMAO almond eyes are scary biggrin
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Report | 08/15/2010 9:07 am

Tiny Nipples

SHEEESH you cyclops lover <O>_____----
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Report | 08/14/2010 8:33 am

Tiny Nipples

i stare at you
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Report | 07/29/2010 3:13 pm

Krieg ist Krieg

Max is 80kidz.
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Report | 06/11/2010 10:03 am


Oh! The apple in your avi. What item is that?
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