~Name: Jordan

~Birthday: May 28

~Years Old: 17

~Birth Place: Georgia

~Living Now: Georgia

~Lives With: Mom & Sister

~Hate: Millions Of Things

~Love: Attention From My Hubby

~Hair Color: Dark Brown & Red

~Eye Color: Dark Brown

~Height: 5'2

~Favorite Color: Baby Blue

~Favorite Music Style: Hip hop

~Favorite Song: Every song on that playlist over there

~Favorite Movie: I Got Alot

~Hugs or Kisses: Both

~Muffin or Cupcake: Cupcake

~Straight, Bi or Les: Straight All Day Everyday...lol

~Day or Night: Day

~Sunny or Rainy: Depends

~Shower or Bath: Shower

~McDonalds or Burger King: McDonalds

~Pepsi or Coke: Neither sprite

~Favorite Sport: Cheerleading

~Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate

~Do you want to get married: Yea

~Do you want to have kids: Yea

~Do you get sea sick: Kinda

~Do you believe in yourself: Yea I Guess

~Do you like thunderstorms: Hell No Thunderstorms Scare The s**t Outta Me.

~Do you get along with your parents: My Mom Yea, My Dad No

~Number of Tattoos: 0

~Number of Piercings: 7

~98% of people say they love sombody and
only 2% of them mean it if you are one of
those people who mean it put this
on your profile...!

~A broken heart is just like
a broken mirror.it is better
to leave it broken than hurt
yourself trying to fix it...!

~When she stares at your lips- Kiss her

~When she pushes you or hits you- Grab her and dont let go and say that tickles

~When she starts cussn at you- Kiss her and tell her you love her

~When shes quiet- Ask her whats wrong

~When she ignores you- Give her your attention

~When she pulls away- Pull her back and hug her & dont let go

~When you see her at her worst- Tell her shes beautiful

~When you see her start crying- Just hold her

~When you see her walking- Sneak up and hug her waist from behind

~When shes scared- Protect her

~When she lays her head on your shoulder- Tilt her head up and kiss her

~When she looks at you with doubt- Back yourself up with the TRUTH

~When she says that she likes you- she really does more than you could understand

~When she grabs at your hands- Hold hers and play with her fingers

~When she bumps into you- bump into her back and make her laugh

~when she wasn't expecting a surpris- you came in her life

~WHEN YOU BREAK HER HEART- the pain NEVER really goes away

~When she says its over- she STILL wants you to be hers

~When she re-post's this bulletin- she wants you to read it

>>>GEMINI<<< >Nice. >Love is one of a kind. >Great listeners >Very Good in bed. >Lover not a fighter, but will still knock you the hell out. >Trustworthy. >Always happy. >Loud. >Talkative. >Outgoing >Very forgiving >Loves to make out >Has a beautiful smile >Generous >Strong >Ultra sexy >The Most Irresistible

BH-Wild Berry

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Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Occupation: School

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safire_nicole Report | 08/03/2010 10:19 pm
cute pro "about" =3
xII S King IIx Report | 07/27/2010 5:14 pm
xII S King IIx
Lols My name? .... Uhh, Beef Wellington?
xII S King IIx Report | 07/27/2010 5:06 pm
xII S King IIx
Lols... you said it all,
gotta stay away from you b'fore s'n naughty happens
xII S King IIx Report | 07/27/2010 4:58 pm
xII S King IIx
yaknow, It'll be better if u weren't soo horny lykk that Lmao
xII S King IIx Report | 07/27/2010 3:19 pm
xII S King IIx
woahh... wuh ya saying lets focus now
LLol im jus jkk
xII S King IIx Report | 07/26/2010 12:58 pm
xII S King IIx
damn i was lykk "wtf".... lmao u said I wanna have sex
xII S King IIx Report | 07/22/2010 8:03 am
xII S King IIx
Iqot that from FB Lmao ^ ^ Yu know waht it means righh ?
xII S King IIx Report | 07/21/2010 6:07 pm
xII S King IIx
" i. 1. 2. 1/2. 6 " <<--- Say that fast xD
xII S King IIx Report | 07/15/2010 10:22 am
xII S King IIx
I shld start tlking ATL again - Bankhead
II-Silly kitty-II Report | 07/15/2010 9:55 am
II-Silly kitty-II
yw anytime

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