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My Fashion Statement!

Did you even read my Christmas list?!


Who Am I? I'm Batman!!!

HI~ emotion_yatta

So you want to learn more about me? emotion_dealwithit

Obviously you do or you wouldn't be reading this. *Points to box* emotion_awesome

Well Lets Start with the basics.

Name: Vincent (Obviously not my "real name" for safety reasons. I used a name generator)
Age: Early 20's
DOB: 4/25
Height: 5'4'' (Yes I am rather short)
Weight: 118 lbs
Hair color: Short, Blood Red with Black Undertones
Eyes: Grey/Blue/Green with a hint of yellow (So hazel but not brown?)

Favorite Food: Sweets (Cheesecake especially)
(Dislikes: Spicy food & Sour foods)

Favorite Color: Red, Black, Silver, Lime Green
(Dislikes: Pink, Yellow, and Pastels)
Favorite Weather: Rainy, Cloudy, and Windy
(Dislike: Sunny or Cold)

Favorite Season: Fall (When it's still warm but not blistering)
(Dislike: Winter (I Freeze Easily))

My Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Working, Sleeping, And Messing with Computers

I am who I am always going to be and that's me, If you're wanna come chill that's cool and I don't mind. I'm always up for a good chat every now and again. I love to roleplay in the forums, so don't be shy to ask (In fact don't be shy to ask me anything... unless it has to do with incredibly personal information, like Top Secret stuff...) Otherwise I don't mind. I'm incredibly laid back and easy to talk with so drop me a line and say hi~ {I promise I won't bite... Much~} emotion_dowant

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Thank You & Good Night,

Who's This Sexy Beast? Oh It's Just Me! False Alarm Ladies & Gents

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People Who Know What's Up!

xXOhMyKiraXx on 03/18/2021

Go On... You Know You Want To~

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