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Zerotsuu Report | 01/10/2012 12:59 pm
The following to place in ZOMG!...

Me: heart!!
passer by: stare What are you doing?
Me: heart humming.
passer by: neutral Humming about what?
Me: xp My best friend.
passer by: stressed What best friend?! scream YOU ARE ALL ALONE!
Me: sweatdrop your right. 3nodding So maybe I should sing out loud so she can hear.
passer by: eek What?
Me: I'm just singing! Just singing...just singing about my bessst friend! My my bestfwen4eva! xd
passer by: crying Bravo! Bravo!
Me: ninja

Anyway I just wanted to say Hi! hope your doing well and thanks for inspiring such a wonderful song! biggrin

TeaMelodi Report | 04/07/2011 11:48 am
cool avi
Ivy Bloom Report | 06/12/2010 10:57 am
Ivy Bloom
Hi! i was just wanting to talk to you...cuz i haven't in a while. how are you?!^^
orchidgal Report | 02/27/2010 5:35 pm
lord-zel Report | 01/03/2010 12:12 am
No response? im hurt, truly I am
lord-zel Report | 12/19/2009 2:59 pm
hello hello, hows it go, i speak in poems with rhyme in tow.
Xedhadeaus Report | 12/16/2009 5:23 pm
how have your zomg ventures been?
monita16 Report | 11/04/2009 2:13 pm
-Crystal Confetti- Report | 11/04/2009 12:30 pm
-Crystal Confetti-
candy bats Report | 11/04/2009 10:29 am
candy bats
Happy birthday!

Mah House -_-

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Peepz who just visited my Profile!!, like duh

TeaMelodi on 09/03/2023

About Moi!!


Ah! Here are my playlists~ Listen to 'em as much as you want, but not until your ears exploded >xD

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My Flyffable Pet~
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Click here to feed me a Star Fruit!
Get your own at Flyffables!

My Dragon Cave Pets~
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Pwease feed them? -puppy eyes-

I'm bestfwen4eva. I'm energetic and enthusiastic... well, to certain people. And to the other certain people, I'm mostly shy, quiet, and emo-ish >XD but i dont dress in black or anything. I like pools and water parks...i MODERATELY like beaches, tho they're not always clean, so yea. but if you invite me to a beack or any place with water, i'd by more than happy to go~ I like water~ I also like rain, but not when i'm outside and suffering with my really wet butt, so i'd reather stay inside and watch the rain drops >xD dont think i'm THAT obsessive of water, geez >xP ... I like anime and manga a lot~ i draw anime and stuff... but man, i don't have a scanner -_- .... so i cant show you my beautiful artworks, just kidding >xP my drawings are not as great as the other artists in the world like Mozart (o wait, that's a composer -scratch head- >xP) so anyway, you get the idea. anyway, i don't like math, and not EVERYONE does, huh? every time im in my math class i was like -_- .... my favorite subject is history (well at least that's my highest score), but i can't remember the names and years, weird. anyway, im poor so give me your gold, punk! nvm i dont work or look like a gangster >xD my fav band is pigstar and SCRIPT (bands from Japan, so you might not heard of them) btw, i'm not Japanese, surprise!

Anyway, feel free to add me as your friend~
I always welcome strangers (but my mom told me not to talk to strangers, so yea, sorry strangers)
but I CAN welcome people with friendly personalities~ except too friendly, no, jk~

My dream avatars~
User ImageUser ImageUser Image

My dream car~
User Image

(May 20th, 2009) If you already see my Card Captor Sakura profile, you can see that I've changed the profile theme~ It seriously took me like 2 hours to find the one that i like. This is not it, but it's okie (don't tell da person who did it) . I like Chobits, and this is like the one that i wanted most in the website anyway (at least, all the ones that i looked through) If you would be sooo kind, you can check out my imeem profile and befriend me~ I've also changed my profile on imeem from Moe Kare background to Tsubasa Chronicle background, from Shugo Chara headline pict to Prince of Tennis pict.~ and also changed my headers to green! At first i put a pict of Death Note on it (it's a relly cute one, not da scary one) but then i thought it looked...not like my imagination, so i changed it after all >XD Anyone like my new hair-do? It's acutally what the hair looked like in real life, not da pink or blonde, long one before >xP I loooveee kimono, so you know my hobby! If you like anime and manga, you're da cool people. Why? Cuz' i said so. Man, i wrote so much already, but it's not even one tenth of what i want to type >x3 If you get bored (now's the part that you thought i was gonna write "you dont have to read all of my about me anymore", BUT no) YOU HAVE TO KEEP READING or else i'll pour cheese on yooooou. So if you notice any typos or bad grammar, weeeelllll, BEAR WITH IT >xP (bear as in bear, not in bear bear...) so anywaaaaay! jkjk, if you see typos or something that doesnt make any sense to you,... just somehow work it out -_- you can really enjoy working your brain to death to read the most common language, english (dun dun dun). wanna hear me sing? rawr, fine, it's yooourr losss~ 0_0 Dont you feel that i'm too random? Argh, i hafta do homework... if youre thinking im a good girl...-whispers- ...don't... cuz i do noooot enjoy working my poor poor brain. oh yes, you over there, you have a comment?....wat?!?!?!? you like doing homework?!?!? go eat pickle! -kick- anyway, anyone else have a comment? OK! Bye for now~ 'tis shall entertain ye with thy whole heart, my awesomest heart eva. Pie pie! Remember, eat healthy, brush your ears, and crawl on dirt~ (on dirt, on dirt, on dirt...) btw, i wrote all of this in 11 minutes

(May 23, 2009) Yea yea, i know, my wish list looks reeeeaaaaaaallllllllllyyyy looooooooooongggg...but hey, all those beautiful stuff are reeeaaaaallllllllyyyyyyy tempting -_- i can't help it!!! -sniff- (i already deleted like tons of the items before)

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.

(May 27,2009) O ho ho ho ho, you beautiful queen is here~ Now that i'm not doing homework, again, i shall tell you my favorite color~ It is....DUN DUN DUN... SkY bLuE!!! isnt it like the awesomest color ever? Everytime i watch the sky, ..or a sky blue car, i would have daydreams~ I'm actually a very romantic person, tho i dont always show it. If you dont believe me, well it's okay, cuz i admit i look like da adventure type better >XD i think i have mood swing today 0_0 now i really really really needa go to the little girl's room... but im too lazy to walk all the way there -_- if you think im awesome, add comment~ if you dont, i'll haunt you (not that im a ghost or anything..) hey, i have a question -raises hand- do boxers have zippers? guys, you dont reaaaallly have to answer this, but if you dont feel shy about your private life, feel free to expand my knowledge >xD is it true that your stomach eat ifself if you get oo hungry? if it's true, im scared. ...i needa go peeeeee...sniff....brb!..................................-censored-......haaa~ i'm back~ so where am i? (i seriously went to pee..i just like to say my actions outloud >xD) it's time to read some manga, so shout hurray and say pie pie to the person or animal or thing or your imaginary friend next to ya~ (bye bye bob)

(May 28, 2009) Teddy Bear~
i ♥ u
(>^_^)><(^_^<) (>^_^)><(^_^<)

(June 8, 2009) Thank you for whoever gifted me the White Flow Prom Dress in my wishlist!!! You are truly appreciated by every parts of my brain biggrin and "thank you" nerve system biggrin

(June 10, 2009) OMG I finally got Celebrity Date, and now i am poor -_- i was shaking and biting my lips when i clicked the "buy" button ='( it was bitterness, real bitterness you know!! not that im stingy about $$$, but hey, you would be happy getting $ and not happy when speding it, right? -sniffles- im not asking for donation,........but if you insist >=D nvm >XD ah! hey, do you know how to put picture up on my profile? without using photobucket? cuz i dont have one ='( y dont gaia just have like this "insert photo" or "browse" button!??!?? it would be soo much easier and simpler for meh ='( then i can put my artworks up biggrin so plzzz tell me, k? pwease?!?!? thx! (btw, i think my wishlist doubled 0_0 whoa, when did that happened, i was just glimpsing in the marketplace for just a tiny bit 0_0 )
10 min later........
Hey do you know i have a gift goblin?!?!?!? Give it up for z awesome LORD-ZEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o yah!!

(June 24, 2009)
User Image
i adopted a chibi!
name: Chibito
likes:Cakes, Ice cream, Sushi, Cherry
doesn't like: Garlic, Leek, Mushroom
owner: bestfwen4eva
you can adopt one too!
adopt me!

(June 25, 2009) YYYESS!! I FINALLY GOT DA PLAYLIST TO WORK!!!!!!!!! I'VE BEEN SOO FRUSTRATED TRYING TO WORK MY IMEEM PLAYLIST -huff huff huff- but now is my hero!! y'like my songs?! i know you do~ BUT!! (ha ha ha, but, ha ha ha, SO ANYWAY!!) i'm still loyal to imeem~ so check it out peepz~ thx~

If kisses were water, I will give you a sea. If hugs were leaves, I will give you a tree.
If LIFE was a planet, I will give you a galaxy. If friendship is life, I will give you mine.
(This is from chain letters, but it sounded so good, i have to put it here biggrin )
0_0 dont u think that my about me is getting a LIIIL' too long? i think i should start writing journals...buuut im too lazy ='( i'm sure u guys are too lazy to look at my journals too, right? like how i'm too lazy to look at urs.....nvm....u heard/see nothing...SO!! any of u have a solution to my laziness, also my unableness (is it a word?) to put up a journal?

(June 27, 2009) Hey!! I posted my artwork in the arena, pwease come and vote for me~ thx! All of the pics looks really blurry cuz i took it with my camera, so ya.. you get da point -_- lol i was sooo nervous, i was like watching the my stuff the whole time >xD this is important to me, i dont care about prizes, just about the comments you give me, so ya biggrin PLLLEEASSSE take a few minutes of your time to come and vote/comment~ it will all be appreciated, by me!! (and u know it's an honor to be thankful by me, of coz >xD) just go to arena, type "bestfwen4eva" on search, and vote my arts~ there'll be more coming!! (gud thing the submit entry only take 100 gold 0_0)

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

(July 10, 2009) Hey ya'll!!!!! I visited my friends' profiles, and most of them have like sooo many drawing of their aviis in their pro, sooooooo~~ it makes me dream of having an avii pic ever since i thought of it 7 minutes ago biggrin biggrin biggrin <3 so all of u artists out there, if u could be sooo kind to draw me my avii~~ better make it kute >=) i know i changes my avii WAAAY too much, so you can just copy da pic of my current avii and then print it out and then draw it >xP i dont mind aaaannnyyy avii pic, cuz im allwaaays dressiing cutely xP (and yes, i AM bragging) once again, thankies~

(July 19, 2009) My BROTHERS are the ones that cares about me. They are there when i need them, and they are there when i dont -.- they care when i play alone, and dont care when i bugs them. my imaginary brothers!!!! lolz that's z answer to one of the message in da bottle >xD man sometimes im such a genius <3 i havent been on lots lately, anyone noticed that? -gasp- "WEAR Z RAINBOW! TASTE Z RAINBOW!" man that's an awesome quote. it's an ad right there>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(August 13, 2009) Thankyou LAZY GOBLIN!!!!!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! -huggies- I'm happii :')

Donators in no orders 0.0:
- lord_zel aka gift goblin : Adoring Fans
- Anonymous aka lazy goblin : Doves
- Lady Shaminia : White Flow Prom Dress
- angel_light_flight : Wine Hippie Shoes
- SuiDragonia : Mokona Hat, and gold for Sushi Error but i bought Meatball Fight instead (im soo sowwii)
- Anonymous aka no idea really, but reeeeaaallly appreciated >xD : Teal Flow Prom Dress
- Anonymous aka have some clues but neva really found out -.- : Flower Shield

I might messed up the things you gave me ppl but i cant help it, im human -sweat sweat- >xP tell me if im wrong >xDDDD

Sig! Check out my imeem playlists~

Random ness is AwEsOmE
Random ly is cOOl
Random ing is nOt A wOrD
Yaoi ness is just plain NuMbAh 1
'nuff said >x3
Please follow to fight again SIN <3
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My Aquarium (i wuuuv it!)

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